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QR Code Surveys are the new trend in Customer Feedback

What is a QR code?

A QR code stands for Quick Response Code, a barcode in the form of a square usually placed in printed advertisements, food packaging, and receipts. Typically, an app or a web page opens when you search it with your phone.

Initially, in Japan, QR codes were introduced for monitoring the production process in 1994. At that time, QR codes have massively spread and reached almost all industries because of their easy to comprehend functionality and many different forms. They are now used to post polls, add contacts on social networks, pay, and many more. Companies like SurveyStance now offer a QR code survey where customers can scan the qr code and provide quick feedback to the company.

What are the uses of QR codes?

QR code survey applications gain popularity because mobile phones do not require a particular scanner program today to understand code. The new iOS and Android devices will search and read QR codes without a scanner application. QR codes are often used for purchases around the world. The knowledge of the QR codes amongst people is still strong, making this medium very useful to carry out surveys.

You should put your QR code form on your receipts when managing physical store locations. Customers will check the code for updates on their encounters with their cell phone camera. Viewers can scan the code and provide you with information in real-time. QR code surveys allow you to collect feedback from traditionally difficult customer contact points. 

Benefits of using QR codes for customer feedbacks:

Feedback from customers is more critical than ever. Often businesses use QR codes to get their consumers’ quick feedback so you can do more about it. You can detect and resolve an issue immediately with instant feedback before affecting other consumers.

QR codes have features that make it possible for businesses to quickly and easily exchange details with their customers.

  • First, QR codes can handle various data types, such as digital and alphabet characters, which permit users to encode URLs and other kinds of links to the original letter.
  • Second, the storage space is more significant relative to a single barcode system.
  • Thirdly, they are of a versatile image — modules’ shapes and colors, including artistic representation, can be modified.
  • Lastly, QR codes can be read using free available apps on smartphones, tablets, or laptops with a webcam.

The QR app will be used to screen the user based on the offers used in the code. In today’s technology-driven spaces, QR codes are found in different applications. To gather real global views on your product or service, you should encourage a QR code assessment. It is a solid solution to online tracking that requires access to personal data from consumers. Collect consistency data from personal purchases and activities using QR survey codes.

The customer does not need to follow a registration procedure or fill in the information or sign up to provide input because of the ease offered by QR codes. A quick check and fill in a prototype are all they need to do – making it easy not only for consumers to use QR codes but also invites other customers to suggestions that they had previously refused to do so.


The SurveyStance QR code survey makes it quick and easy for customers to share their feedback in real time, enabling you to have the insight to improve customer happiness.

Cheryl Salinas
Author: Cheryl Salinas

Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Stock Market Enthusiast| [email protected]

About Cheryl Salinas

Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Stock Market Enthusiast| [email protected]

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