Dr. Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet was Documented as WWBR’s CEO of the Year

Dr. Andy Khawaja, CEO of Allied Wallet – an award-winning benefactor of global payment services including online payment processing, mobile, and prepaid card services, was featured as CEO of the Year on the shelter of Worldwide Business Review.

Allied Wallet has perceived multi-billion-dollar success and only continues to grow, due in part to the guidance and leadership of its courageously innovative CEO. Dr. Andy Khawaja is introduced on the cover of Worldwide Business Review in an article entitled, “The Man Behind the Virtual World.”

Dr. Khawaja’s hands-on approach has empowered him to increase influential visions into how to provide better for his team, his customers, and even the customers of his suppliers.

“… I definite to work with my staff to guarantee that they feel relaxed with me and that I am one of them,” said Dr. Khawaja.

Allied Wallet is frequently ranked as one of the best companies to work for in the world, and Dr. Khawaja prides himself on providing a positive work environment.

It is also very important to him that he delivers the best solution for his customers and consumers all over the world.

When asked about the best thing about being a CEO, Khawaja told WWBR, “…it is about seeing things done correctly…guaranteeing that [we] are achieving goals and that our dealers are doing the same. The merchants must have reliable services, something that I can provide so that makes me feel proud of myself, the company, and my team.”

Year after year, Dr. Andy Khawaja is known as a top CEO in the world for his accomplishments and his dedication to his company. Allied Wallet is repeatedly recognized for their top-rated payment services.

Clearly, the two are correlated and Allied Wallet will continue to see multi-billion-dollar success in the new year.

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