5 Tips for Using Your CRM More Efficiently

Having a top-notch software system implemented is just the first step on the way to boost a company’s performance. Then comes education – learning how to utilize the potential opportunities to the utmost. Luckily, it is not complicated, especially if you are aware of the common pitfalls and challenges. Hopefully, the five tips you’ll find in this article will help to set up the sales processes effectively from the very beginning. 

Sync the Communications 

First of all, make sure to prevent duplication of work. If team members receive a great deal of information via emails, it is essential to find a way to integrate this data into a CRM automatically – without entering it manually. The same goes for calendar events and tasks saved in Office 365 or Google Suite. 

Every decent CRM system has in-build or integrated solutions that allow you to synchronize data received via different media, emails in particular. For example, Salesforce uses tools like Einstein Activity Capture to enable data flow from emails. Drift allows you to sync website chats, forms, and a lot more. The list can go on and on. So think about what you need to optimize and find a solution for it. 

Track, Track, Track

One of the main benefits of every CRM is an opportunity to receive extensive analytics. Therefore, you should be tracking all data that is possible to obtain and turn into practical insights. It can include: 

  • tracking leads by source
  • tracking the conversion time; 
  • tracking what leads convert better; 
  • tracking active partners;
  • tracking content segments; 
  • and a lot more!

Without utilizing the available resources for full-fledged monitoring and analysis, users only waste the potential of an effective tool.

Make Good Use of Customer Data

First, get all the customer data in one place. Again, it will be more efficient to do using helpful integrations. For example, if your support team uses a customer service software system, most likely, that system comes with integration and can be connected to the CRM. Connecting different tools allows you to build a functional infrastructure where no data go amiss.

Then, you can take control over customer feedback to come up with better-personalized communication and offers. Don’t forget that clients want to feel special. Besides, a universal package might be a good fit for only one of many customer segments. With all the data available, you will be able to come up with better offers.

Don’t Forget About Social Media 

Failing to respond to your customers via requests in social networks affects sales rates directly. If a potential customer doesn’t get the information they requested through a convenient source, they will reach out to the other brands. Thus, keeping track of interactions with the brand pages through a customer relationship management system will come in handy. 

Meanwhile, you can check if there is an opportunity to track customer behavior on social media along with other customer data. It will help to put together more detailed and accurate customer personas. Basically, this piece of advice blends two previous clauses, but it is worth reminding. 

Let Your Clients Rest

Finally, don’t start bombarding customers with amazing customized offers just because you have an opportunity to do so. A CRM allows sales specialists to work more efficiently, but it doesn’t mean that people are waiting for your endless offers. So brace yourself and respect the silent period. Use this time to learn about other opportunities of the system or just continue to work with data.

Bottom Line

Adopting new technologies is crucial for businesses. Yet, the human factor is still in charge of a great deal of decision-making. So remember that a CRM system is a helpful tool that requires a little bit of learning and smart utilization. Instead of waiting for a magical boost, look into the ways of boosting your skills and ideas with this new piece of software you’ve got.

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