Vastu consultant in Kolkata reveals the mysterious origin of vastu shastra!

Vastu consultants in Kolkata are expanding their services drastically since the past 10 years or so, for the benefits of people.

Indeed, the demand for vastu services has hyped in the recent times, but have you ever wondered how primitive this science of architecture goes back in the past?

Today, leading Vastu consultant in Kolkata, Mr. Pinaki Pal will reveal the mysterious and gripping origin of vastu shastra.

As per Vastu consultant in Kolkata, Vastu shastra finds its roots in ancient Hindu mythology itself.

The story begins with Lord Brahma, the supreme creator of the universe and all life forms in it. After originating all the devas, asuras and other deities; he created the first man.

Needless to say, he was no ordinary man. Instead he possessed a never ending hunger. To satiate the same, he began to devour anything he could find.

Gradually, he destroyed everything in his path and simultaneously grew in size and strength.

Vastu consultant in Kolkata says that at one point, he grew so large his shadow casted a permanent eclipse upon the earth.

This was the time when all the other gods, including Vishnu and Shiva; went to lord Brahma and urged him to stop the man. Brahma too agreed on the same realizing it was crucial to preserve the other life forms.

But by this time, the man was so big and strong that stopping him was no easy task. So, it took in total of 45 deities, including Brahma to accomplish the task.

These deities comprises of both gods and asuras. Many people might find it surprising but Vastu consultant in Kolkata and Hindu mythology equally regards the role of asuras in overall balance of life.

So, altogether 45 deities hold him and pinned him down on the earth. He was made to lie with his face down on the ground, with head pointing in north east and feet towards the south west.

While lord Brahma held him in the middle, the remaining deities held him in feet, hands, arm, head and so on.

When the man was overpowered, he began to cry and beg to the lord. He argued that as he was made by Brahma, his never ending hunger was given to him by the lord itself.

So, why he was being given the harsh punishment for following his natural instincts? This made the lord think as well and Brahma came up with a mutual arrangement.

He made the man immortal and entity of the earth itself. He was given the name ‘vastu purush’ and this is how began the glorious path for vastu shastra.

Vastu consultant in Kolkata says that the Brahma blessed the vastu purush as the deity of vastu, any vastu on land, anywhere on earth.

Any building that is to be made must follow the vastu rules to ensure a prosperous living. If they ignore the vastu rules, the vastu purush can tamper with their lives as a consequence.

This holds true for all the vastu on the earth, irrespective of geography, religion, cast creed, nature and size of the vastu.

That is why, now, more and more foreign based individuals and corporate businessmen are also seeking the guidance from vastu shastra.

Vastu consultant in Kolkata uses the layout of vastu purush lying on the ground with all the deities capturing him as the reference for vastu analysis.

Each zone of the layout chart represents a particular deity who held the vastu purush. Thus, the vastu chart comprises of 45 energy fields with the directional reference.  

For instance, since Brahma held the middle portion, the central zone of the vastu is called as the Brahmasthan. As per Vastu consultant in Kolkata this must be kept empty to ensure better channeling of energies.

Similarly all the other zones belong to some deity and it has its set of rule of dos and don’ts. Only a vastu expert is efficient to offer you the guidance accordingly.

To know more about vastu shastra, or to avail the vastu analysis from the top Vastu consultant in Kolkata, get in touch with us at Vastu Mangaal.

The leading Vastu consultant in Kolkata, Mr. Pinaki Pal will reveal the mysterious and gripping origin of vastu shastra. So, let us begin.

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