Popular slots themes Colombians play online – Fantasy slots dominate the online tragamonedas scene

The adoption of the eGaming Act in October 2016 in Colombia caused significant growth in the gambling industry. At present, domestic and offshore casino operators provide an extensive collection of gambling, but things haven’t always been smooth because for a long time Colombia, like many other Latin American countries, prohibited gambling, both online and offline. Before the authorities created the regulations, online casinos couldn’t apply for a license to provide their services legally in Colombia. They allowed Colombians to access their websites, but they didn’t design their services or addressed this audience specifically. The intention of casino operators to create a range of online services for gamblers prompted a response from the Colombian government to develop a gambling regulation that also included online gambling. 

At this point, everyone living in Colombia is familiar with the phenomenon of online gambling. A couple of years ago, online casinos weren’t the most popular entertainment hubs because only passionate gamblers would search for an opportunity to engage in their favorite activity. But with the government creating a legal environment for it, now online casinos can promote their services to the wide public and address everyone who may be interested in spending their time in an entertaining manner. 

Colombia legalized the most popular types of gambling available on the market. It licensed both domestic and offshore casino operators to provide the players with access to as vast as possible collection of casino games. The most well-beloved types are interactive games that require little skill and instant win. As in many other countries, slots or tragamonedas, as they’re called in Colombia, are the most popular interactive casino games, together with table games and craps. 

Classic slot games

Even if the gambling market provides hundreds of slot themes, most players prefer the classic ones because it reminds them of the physical machines they use in land-based casinos. However, because they are played online, the gamblers get some extra benefits because most operators that offer tragamonedas or slots online create loyalty programs to retain their clients. The modern variants of classic games bring something new to the world of slots because casino games designers are always looking for ways to improve their features. Therefore, classic slot games provided online are similar to the old-school ones, but they also have a modern twist. 

Colombians who are nostalgic about the old slot machines choose classic slot themes because they keep the vibe awake. They use the same symbols of fruits and incorporate the same flashing lights, and loud sounds machines would make in a land-based casino. 

However, most people don’t know about these games because the designers revamp them to have a high quality because the details require a lot of work and attention. 

Fantasy themed slots

No one is surprised that Colombians love fantasy themed slots. In fact, the fantasy theme is a massive hit in the industry, and players worldwide are crazy about it because it allows them to explore a fantastic world, different from the one they live in. Most of the people who search Casinos en Colombia online are looking for websites that provide fantasy slots. Thankfully, most operators include this category in their collections and classic games like poker, roulette, and blackjack. Fantasy slots dominate the online tragamonedas scene, and in some countries, they are even more popular than classic slots. 

The fantasy theme in the slots world comes in numerous sizes and shapes because all operators and software creators design their own version and story. Considering their popularity, it’s understandable why operators want to provide their clients with a unique selection. It’s challenging to offer a product that stands out in an oversaturated industry. Fantasy slot creators use the mythology of ancient civilizations, mythical creatures, classic fairy tales, and even modern fantasy stories to create new games. During the last years, the most popular subgenre was the superhero theme since the advent of Marvel and DC Comics movies. Everyone wants to play games inspired by Superman or Batman adventures. 

Sports-themed slots

Colombians love both sports and casino games, and they wouldn’t miss the opportunity to mix the two of them. The popularity of online slot games makes sense when you think about how many people bet on sports. Casino gambling and slots are two of Colombia’s most engaging activities, engaging people with similar interests and providing them with the opportunity to meet individuals who have the same hobbies. 

As you can expect, the variety of sports-themed slots provided in a Colombian online casino is immense. Gamblers can play slots inspired by any sport globally, from tennis to volleyball, basketball, baseball, or football. 

Egyptian-themed slots

Some would say that Egyptian themed slots are just fantasy slots, but they are the most popular category from the fantasy list. Check Casinos en Colombia online, and you’ll find that most games have an Egyptian theme. When online slots began to gain popularity a couple of years ago, Ancient Egypt was the most interesting mythical subject. Museums have started to dedicate galleries to Egyptian artifacts, and Hollywood focus on Egyptian-themed movies. With everyone being hyped about the Egyptian culture, slots designers had no other option than to join the trend and create games that would appeal to the audience. The magic and mystery surrounding the mummies, pyramids, and mythical legends from the area have continued to make the Egyptian theme one of the most popular. Everyone associated gold with hidden treasures, and it’s no wonder that slot providers use it to promote their jackpots. 

Movie-themed slots

With streaming platforms and cinema theaters accessible to everyone, it’s understandable why movie-themes slots are Colombians’ favorites. Casino games explore the movies from a different perspective and provide the players with a new and unique experience. Casinos online offer various slot games with specific film themes and use symbols based on the film they resemble, like the original soundtrack and dialogues. Some even show scenes from the movie or get the actors to film new ones. 

Colombia boasts a varied legal gambling scene, and slots are only the most popular category from the extensive list of casino games Colombians can play. 

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