Is Being a Casino Croupier as Exciting as It Sounds?

Do you enjoy gambling?

If yes, then being a croupier in casino might seem like the ideal job for you. As a casino croupier, you get to play the games you like. The only difference is, you’re on the other side of the table, meaning you get to win more than you often do.

True, you don’t keep winning, but you’ll get paid for your services. Besides, you will be receiving tips from generous players and always be part of the action when someone wins a big jackpot.

The gambling market today is more competitive than ever before. More and more casinos are searching for qualified croupiers to fill available positions. Peter Deli is experienced in gambling. Click here to check out his profile.

What Does a Croupier do?

A casino croupier works at several tables, including poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, etc. The job involves controlling the game’s progress, but that’s not all.

They often explain the rules of each game to beginners. They also can deal cards, throw roulette balls, and make payouts with casino chips. Furthermore, they ensure fair play by being on the lookout for cheating customers.

Hungary is one of the best places for croupiers. It has schools that teach croupiers the etiquettes, language, and body language to help them interact with players better.

Although there are many land-based casinos in Hungary, most players enjoy using online casinos in Hungary that can be found on online casino because they are mobile-friendly. The sites are well-optimized to run on lower-end devices, making room for seamless gaming and minimal interruption. Also, most land-based casinos have mobile apps for even more convenience.

But despite the adoption of online casinos, there is still a huge demand for casino croupiers.

Croupier Salary

When you start working as a casino croupier, your pay will certainly not be something to brag around. Just like many other service jobs, the base salary is low. However, the salary will increase as you gain more job experience.

The average croupier’s salary is about $15,450, but don’t forget most croupiers receive lots of tips. The annual income of a casino croupier can reach $60,000 a year. Others can even get $100,000, but that’s pretty rare. An average income of a Hungary-based croupier is around $718 per month. The wages are paid in local currency: HUF (Hungarian Forints).

Benefits of Being a Croupier

Casino croupiers enjoy many benefits, including:

  1. Traveling the world

Croupiers who work for casinos that are part of a larger group have the chance to move around the country or overseas. And if you’re a croupier working on cruise liners, you will get the opportunity to travel the world. Also, the croupiers get high salaries and bigger tips.

  1. Playing casinos games without spending money

The advantage of representing the house is that you’ll never lose your own money. And if you beat the player, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment. So, it’s a win-win situation.

  1. Great Bonuses

Big casino normally offers their employees appealing benefits, including health and retirement plans, free means and uniform and flexible time-off opportunities.

  1. Improve your playing skills

As a croupier, you’ll get paid to play. This is a bonus since you get to practice and learn new gaming tricks on the job.

  1. The Tips

The best part about this job is, you get to receive tips from players who feel generous after winning their game.


Being a croupier is as exciting as it sounds. You get to earn a good salary and enjoy other benefits. Also, this career provides room for progression. In just two years, a croupier can land higher-level positions like a pit boss or managerial positions.

But keep in mind that the job has its downsides, like irregular work hours and dealing with high tempered customers. Despite that, it’s an excellent career choice for anyone interested in the gambling industry.

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