Can you talk to us more about your latest single “PROFESSIONAL”?

Professional is self explanatory, I wanted to level up with this album and what we did was just that. My first full autotune album & I’m  starting it off with this single. 

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

I knew I wanted to make a new album that would be the best quality project that I’ve put out yet. I just wanted to prove myself with  this album it really had to show what I’m capable of and it had to be professional and that thought process is what made me name it PROFESSIONAL. So I made the first single for it. I was talking to my artist who does my album covers @everythingwithhood  brainstorming what the cover art should be and as soon as he heard me say PROFESSIONAL he said “ok so you a Hit-Man now”.  And I said  “yup , one from the future”. 

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

I really just wanted to establish the whole Professional Hit man idea that we had came up with for the cover art and I really meant Hit Man for the sake of making musical hits.  But I wanted to visualize it as me taking out cyborgs in a future / post apocalyptic type world Terminator style. I normally direct and edit my own videos but this video was done by Trikon who’s worked with me on a few of my animated cartoon episodes. PDL directed this so it was more chill of an experience than the hard working set days where I’m director and performer. 

You recently released a new album Loyalty – what’s the story behind the title?

The concept of loyalty was that, people around me were changing on me fast and when I was working on this album I had no friends left, only family and my family taught me that loyalty is very important, and remaining loyal to oneself in the midst of snakes is the best way to progress.

How was the recording and writing process?

I make songs fast because it’s something I do every single day, so I made LOYALTY in about 2 days. One late night 12 hour session in NYC that knocked out most of the songs. And after the flight back home to California the rest I recorded right in my bedroom (where I record 95% of my music) and that’s when I started working on PROFESSIONAL ahead of time . 

What role does the East Coast play in your music?

I think me being born in New York makes me a different breed already than most the people I meet from other places and it’s because being from New York we’re born in a place with SO much culture. When I came to California it was much different but I used the differences to my advantage and learned both sides of things and that’s really what my music has developed into a East Coast West Coast Combo. I’m not afraid to hit west coast beats with East coast flows and vise versa. And I don’t think other people are afraid to do it either they just can’t do it or didn’t think to do it. Not that I’ve heard yet at least. 

What aspect of loyalty did you get to explore on this record?

Sh*t I’m always loyal to myself and people around me this is one of many projects coming this year so I wanted to start off the year with importance and loyalty is an important message. 

Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Inspiration comes out of thin air for me I don’t know how to explain the thought process of a creative because you really can’t describe what comes over you when you write these songs (a lot of it wasn’t even WRITTEN at first, I freestyle it and then write it down to pronounce the syllables correctly / fix it ). When I hear the correct beat I know exactly what to say or if I don’t know WHAT to say exactly, I know HOW I want to say it (flow) and then I develop it that flow into words. This is the process for every song I make not just this project. I don’t write to music I feel music. 

What else is happening next in Joey Trap’s world?

WEBSITE SOON I’ma have a bunch of stuff on there; unreleased songs, website currency to unlock Crazy prizes and discounts, weed products, lighters ,ash trays, hats, socks, andnon merch street wear clothes. I’d like to release some NFT’s for PROFESSIONAL and more future work.

A “PROFESSIONAL” video game for my website, Lil 8-bit joint but very cool entertainment, shooter vibes. 

BARF album coming August.And lots more in the future.

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