How do different companies use data to their advantage?

In this article, we will discuss how different companies use data to their full advantage. Also, we will discuss what data is and how it is collected and stored in the drives.

What is data, and where is it stored?

Data are units of information that are stored through a series of observations. Data is a set of values of qualitative and quantitative variables about one or more people or a variable. Data is a kind of processed information which means that data is a processed fact about something.

Information is then converted and is stored in the form of data on different storage devices. People often get confused between data and information. It is very simple to differentiate them. Data is either numeric, alphabetical, an alphanumeric variable which is processed and then stored.

Information is a kind of raw fact that can be processed and stored as data on a storage device. Data can be used in many different kinds of things as it is very valuable and precious to a big data solutions company. Data can be stored on a Hard disk, Pen drive, tape recorder, and also CD.

These are some of how you can store data. Also, these are old ways to store it. Nowadays, data is being stored in servers that are only accessible using a password in username. Servers are a kind of big computer connected to the network, but they have many different storage drives.

How do big companies use data to their advantage?

Different companies in the market require data to handle their daily work. The different kinds of companies which require data in their working are.

  • Telecom
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Media and entertainment
  • Healthcare

Here is a list of some companies which use data to their advantage.

  •  Telecom

The biggest use of data is for the telecom industry that is because these companies interact with a lot of people. They need the information of the people so that they can call them and ask them about different products. Telecom is called one of the biggest industries in the market and is growing rapidly.

  •  Finance

In this industry, data is very important as they keep all the data about their customers safe with them in a server. That server can only be accessed by the manager and the bank owner themselves. The finance company needs to keep data about their customer for future reference. This can help them avoid scams, frauds, and many different things.

  •  Retail

They use data to store information on their customer purchase and order. They store information like customer name, number, billing date, items, and also many other things. This is done so that at the end of every month they can estimate their total sales very easily.

  •  Media and entertainment

This industry uses the data to keep track of their customer usage and their likes and dislikes. According to this data, they can cater the service to a customer to make them happy and satisfied.

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