Don’t be late for 8cho – Uprising Artist 8cho Releases His Newest Single, “La Ley”.

8CHO is an up-and-coming rising artist based in Italy but born and raised in Venezuela who dropped a second single, “La LEY” is out now on all streaming music platforms. 8cho’s music platforms hold precious content showcasing his remarkable talent and amazing music. 8cho is signed under Upgrade Music that is based in Miami, Florida, Youtube official video

8cho approaches the world of hip hop, first as a writer, and at the age of 16 he begins to record his first homemade songs and improve his flow and metrics in 2020 he begins to work on the 8CHO project for the In the hands of the Miami company Upgrade Music, their first single “Flow Nuevo” published on all platforms on January 22, 2021, quickly obtained good results, reaching 1,000,000 views on YouTube in less than a month. His second digital single entitled “La Ley” has a super extravagant official video that promises excellent results!

8cho’s “La LEY”, is the song that was born based on the concept of the law of attraction “the magnet”, the sounds are extravagant, and the rhythm of the song is made to flow, the metrics and the flow of the artist, the particularity of his voice makes that everything is almost extraterrestrial, the video is a journey from dusk to dawn in unusual places, where the 2 protagonists, despite having a lot of money, have no way to spend it, hence the message of the song that money can’t buy everything.

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