Although TikTok is new to the social media world, it has seen immense growth in the few years that it has been in the market. The whole of Gen Z vouches for it. Earlier there were mostly teens who were fond of this app and its creativity and ease however, today people of all age groups use this app for entertainment.

TikTok, a video-creating and video-sharing app, has become one of the most popular mobile apps to exist. It is home to many unique videos that are easy to create. Within minutes people are able to make videos that are visually attractive and interest the followers. Many people use this platform for a variety of reasons, but mostly it is viewed as a platform to showcase individual talents. Some people use it to show their cooking skills, some make dance videos, some record their singing while some act to self-made scripts. The use of countless features and tools to enhance the quality of the video such as filters, different transitions and a wide range of audio to choose from makes it the perfect choice for the public.

1. Know your audience

In order to grow on TikTok it should be understood that every platform has a different audience, and that every niche is unique. People of all age groups are a part of this popular app and each of them communicate in a specific way. Having said that one needs to know which part of this large population they are wishing to engage with and entertain with their content.

In case your target audience is between the range of 12 to 26 years then entertainment and humor should be highlighted to grab their attention. Whereas if your audience consists of adults then your content should have something to add value to their lives. You should focus mainly on imparting something informative.

2. Using the right hashtags

The usage of relevant and trending hashtags is an easy yet effective way to gain more popularity and widen your reach on TikTok. It helps your account appear more often on the platform so that more and more people get to know about it.

The hashtags should be smartly put together, combining both trending ones as well as business-related ones. For example, if your account is related to your dancing then you can use hashtags such as “dance videos” “dancing shoes”.

3. Posting at the right time

Another factor that affects your posts on TikTok is the time at which you are uploading your video. In order to improve your presence on TikTok, you must post when most of your followers are active or online on the platform. This time can be determined by analyzing your followers’ activities which is visible on the Pro version of the account. You should closely track your audience’s presence to find out when most of them are online and post exactly then so that you attract the most views.

At times you can also refer to the information and analysis made through other social media platforms on TikTok. If you have noticed over a prolonged period of time that your audience is most responsive between the timings of 7pm and 10pm then this is the time you should choose to make your presence felt online.

4. Promotion on other platforms

A full-fledged digital marketing strategy is a carefully put together combination of advertising through all the digital platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and TikTok. It is also rather simple to share the content of TikTok on these platforms. Without going through a complex or cumbersome process you can share the same videos from TikTok on any other platform you wish to within minutes. By having an established presence on Instagram or Twitter you can easily share your TikTok profile on them as well.

On uploading a TikTok video, it gets saved in the gallery of your phone after which it can be shared anywhere you like. This shows your followers on other platforms the content on your TikTok profile. On uploading a TikTok video, it gets saved in the gallery of your phone after which it can be shared anywhere you like. This shows your followers on other platforms the content on your TikTok profile. You may use the TikTok bot for the promotion as well as gain more and the right audience. 

5. Stay up to date

One of the most basic ways to strengthen your presence on TikTok is by keeping up with the dynamic trends. The theme of videos is constantly changing as newer people are joining the platform with different tastes and preferences. You need to constantly keep track of the most popular videos and their creators; you should understand and analyse what they are doing differently that is making them compete with so many others.

Another way you can engage and communicate better is by commenting regularly on videos that have a similar product range. This way their followers would also notice you and maybe find a liking towards your content.

Hopefully, these steps would help you become a more popular TikTok creator with an increased presence and a loyal fanbase. Make sure to use your own creativity and uniqueness in order to stand out among the sea of creators.

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