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They don’t come much nicer or more talented than cutting edge talent Karma the Artist who plies his considerable wares in the fertile ground of rich genres of music such as R&B, Hip-Hop and Soul. Want to know what the future of the music industry is? Then look no further than this blockbuster talent who has all but taken control over music charts with her fiery and mesmerizing tunes Before It’s Over and The Birthday Song. As ye olde writer did research on this Los Angeles native, the signposts all read the same immortal words: “Karma the Artist is the real deal.” And the signs are correct; her lyrics and delivery are passionate and true and, to prove we’re all pikers compared to her, she’s poised to become a leading producer and CEO in the venerable music biz, seeking out new talent even as she hones her own more than impressive musical artistry.

 Karma the Artist recently sat down with us here at Vents to patiently answer our questions (and yours!)…

Vents: Hi Karma, welcome to Vents Magazine! We’re pleased to have a little of your time today! Before we get too wrapped up in all of our questions, how has 2021 been treating you so far?

Karma: Thanks for asking. 2021 has been treating me very well so far and I’m enjoying all of the full circle moments after how unexpected last year turned out. I’m feeling very optimistic of the future! 

Vents: Congratulations on the recent release of your beautiful and soulful song Before It’s Over. For those not in the know, can you talk a little about the genesis of this particular tune?

Karma: Before It’s Over is a song I created with another songwriter Joey Ocean and was produced by GX and Tha Matrixx. Simply put the song is a whole vibe and a fresh take on vulnerability and the need to fight for what you believe in. It’s a song I hope to see on the charts one day soon! 

Vents: I know that the Before It’s Over single was released specifically when it was in honor of singing legend Aaliyah’s birthday. How has Aaliyah and her music informed your own musical journey?

Karma: Aaliyah is a such a necessary energy in the music industry to date having given life to a new timeless sound and style that we can all still enjoy and be influenced by for ages. She is my greatest influence and I hope to help keep her legacy alive through my own work.

Vents: Another recent song drop from you is the infectious and fun remix of The Birthday Song. This song is on fire and has really found a huge and receptive audience. What is it about The Birthday Song that resounds for so many fans?

Karma: I think The Birthday Song, both the original and remix, reminds people to celebrate their life every day and on their big day as well. It’s all about owning the moments that belong to you while sharing it with others who feel the same, especially with the remix encompassing all of the zodiac signs. I believe it’s a tune that can live on for a long time. 

Vents: Are you gearing up for an album release and, if so, what can fans expect from it?

Karma: Yes I plan to release an album when the time is right and the stars align for it. Fans can expect a full body of work that really highlights my creative blend of R&B, Hip Hop and Soul and with a story line that many can find themselves at some point. 

Vents: Touring is such a huge component for any musical artist to get the word out about their new music and to make a direct connection with their fans. How has the worldwide pandemic affected the touring scene for you?

Karma: Well the touring scene hasn’t been that active for me personally due to travel restrictions and many things being shut down on a case by case basis as of now. I have been fortunate enough to do virtual shows and appearances but I am anxiously awaiting the time when I can resume gracing various stages. From the looks of things I may be back on tour soon enough. Stay tuned! 

Vents: Did you find music or did music find you? Tell us a little bit about your journey as a musical artist.

Karma: I feel like music and I found each other. It was a meeting of energy when I was too small to count but old enough to remember my obsession with the radio, sound and singing. I haven’t been able to let go of that feeling as it grew into stages, studios and traveling the world. My journey has been a very independent and empowering one having pioneered my way through the industry and never looking back.

Vents: How does your family feel about all of your success?

Karma: My family that I am fortunate to see and stay in touch with are very happy and excited for my continued journey. They are some of the few on earth who know my climb and what I truly came from to get this far so their support means a lot to me and I don’t plan to ever let them down! 

Vents: A lot of musicians dream of one day dipping into acting. Have you thought about trying your hand at a movie or a television show?

Karma: I have not only studied acting for film, TV and live stages but I have been in a few productions that you will be seeing in the future as well as a few I still have to shoot. I love acting and can’t wait to make my official debut. 

Vents: Which musicians have inspired you? 

Karma: I have been most inspired by musicians like Ryan Leslie, Prince, Sheila E and Michael Jackson to name a short few. When you speak of musicians, I think of people who can play or interpret music and instruments which I enjoy doing as well and can’t wait to show more of my musicality in projects to come.

Vents: How has being from Los Angeles affected your style of music? Are there things that are unique to your style that are exclusively from the City of Angels?

Karma: Being from Los Angeles does play in influence my outlook on life which in turn affects my style and overall brand as well. I was born and raised in South Central and a lot of the struggles I faced came out in some of earliest work and creative expression. It’s the city that raised me so what I’ve done since then I owe to the city of Angels forever. I’m a proud LA Native and as you have heard the marathon continues! #RipNip 

Vents: You’re noted as a volunteer for numerous Nonprofits. Why is it important for you as an artist and as a person to give back?

Karma: It’s not only important to give back, it’s a responsibility and an honor to do so having come from very humble beginnings. I don’t believe we are blessed with more just to sit above others but rather to showcase the work God can do when you trust in him while giving back to the places you are called to next. It’s a much needed cycle of progress and change. 

Vents: You’re also recognized and celebrated as a budding mogul in the music industry. Do you envision a day when you will be engaged in actively seeking out new talent?

Karma: I am already actively engaged in seeking out new talent under my companies and umbrellas Good Karma Entertainment and Treble Girl Ent. We have become a one stop shop for artists, small labels, management companies, etc. looking to brand, rebrand, develop, monetize and strategize their next ventures. 

Vents:  You’ve played a variety of live venues in such far-flung locales as Hawaii, Alaska and Australia. Were you ever in one spot long enough to form an opinion of some of these locations? Do you have any favorites?

Karma: My favorite place would have to be Hawaii and only because I got to tour so many different places there. It felt like such a dream and I’m anxious to go back. A close second would be Aruba! 

Vents: Final –SILLY! – Question: You’re stranded on a deserted island. Which two albums do you have with you to listen to while awaiting rescue?

Karma: Ooooh, that’s a hard one but I am going to go with one album from Drake and one from Michael Jackson. That way I cover different periods of music and influence and a wide body of music. Which albums would come down to my mood and I can’t choose just yet. Next time. Ha! 

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