5 Tips On Keeping Your Carpets Clean

Although there is a diverse range of flooring options, a lot of people choose carpets and rugs as they bring comfort and cosiness to any living or working space. They’re also a great source of warmth during the cold winter days and are a safe surface for kids to play on. 

However, as beneficial as carpets can be, they can also cause a range of threats to your health and wellbeing when poorly maintained. They accumulate a lot of dirt and dust, they are a breeding ground for a range of bacteria, and carpet damage can cause family members and guests to trip, fall, and experience undesirable injuries. To keep up their perfect and spotless condition, it may not be enough to rely on weekly cleaning and maintenance routines. In fact, it may be necessary to call a professional carpet repair company like Nifty Carpet Repair.

The good news is that there are a few things that you can do to keep your carpets and rugs clean and well-maintained. 

What you can do to keep your carpets clean  

Regardless of how expensive your carpets are, they require regular attention and maintenance in order to suit their purpose of providing a soft and comfy ground for your feet. We’ll share with you 5 tips that will lead to better-maintained carpets that are protected from damage and are not a threat to your health. 

Stay away from chemical cleaners

You may be tempted to clean your carpets with chemical cleaners if they’ve suffered significant exposure to dirt or haven’t been cleaned in a while. However, this is not the best way to maintain your carpets and can actually lead to a lot of negative consequences. Chemical cleaners are not only a threat to pets and children, but they can also harm your carpets on a micro-level. Such cleaning solutions will speed up the carpet deterioration process and can dramatically influence the materials used for the carpet creation.

Eliminate stains once you spot them

Oftentimes, if you spill food or a beverage on the carpet, you may choose to wait a few hours or even days before cleaning the stain. Maybe your favourite TV show is on or perhaps you don’t have the right cleaning materials at home. It’s advisable to react immediately and remove stains as soon as possible. Red wine, coffee, food, gum, blood, and other sources all cause stains that are extremely difficult to get rid of once they’ve set into your carpets. 

Create a regular vacuuming routine

Yes, vacuuming your carpets will certainly help keep them healthy and fresh for longer. A vacuum cleaner can suck out the dirt from the deeper fibres of the carpet, meaning that they won’t be allowed to store underneath the surface, clog up, and eventually ruin the colour and quality of the carpet or rug. Make sure to use the appropriate vacuum adjustment to avoid causing any damage as a result of the back and forth movements of the cleaning machine. 

Protect your carpets by using professional help

Last but not least, use the expert know-how and expertise of proven professionals. Booking an experienced carpet repair company can restore any damaged parts of your carpet and can make maintenance a lot easier. Oftentimes, if the carpet has gone through substantial use or wear and tear, no matter how much effort you put in cleaning and maintenance, the results will never be satisfactory. This is usually a sign that it’s time to call in the experts and let them restore your carpets to the way they used to look when they were brand new. 

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