Is A Pineapple The Best Fruit For SpongeBob SquarePants To Live In?

We all know SpongeBob SquarePants lives in a pineapple under the sea. Even if you have never seen a single second of that show over the last two decades, you have almost assuredly heard the theme song. There are a lot of things that go into the decision of where you live, especially when you are buying a home. SpongeBob seems happy living in a pineapple, but we had to wonder if perhaps there was another fruit that could have served him as well, and perhaps even better.

You can start by writing off any fruit that simply isn’t big enough, like grapes or cherries that will help with the Balance of Nature. Cherries also have pits, but obviously the pits will be removed. In fact, all the innards of these fruits will be removed. That means an avocado could be on the table, but that also isn’t a great choice. While it has a durable skin, it’s flexible and flimsy and thin. Sure, you don’t have to worry about winter where SpongeBob is, but a little insulation would be nice

This also nixes fruits like apples, peaches, and plums. We need a fruit of a reasonable size and that provides some real heft. A pineapple does that, for sure. Plus, as a fruit taller than it is wide, it’s a fine choice for a house. Also, we must admit, aesthetically it’s one of the best fruits for a dwelling. That greenery on top just adds a little something special. Still, there are other options we must consider. An orange is a possibility, if it were big enough. However, we worry about the aesthetics of an orange home. Especially since finding an orange big enough might require a naval orange, and those lack curb appeal to be sure. Maybe a grapefruit could work.

Pineapple House for SpongeBob | Spongebob wallpaper, Spongebob house, Wall  painting

In the end, we feel like there are two fruits in the running with the pineapple. One is a watermelon. Most watermelons are bigger than most pineapples, for starters. SpongeBob could get himself an even bigger domicile with a watermelon. Yes, you’d have to cut off some of the bottom of it since it is completely rounded, but it would still be plenty big. Watermelons also have thick rinds, thicker than the outside of a pineapple if not as tough. We also feel like a nice green watermelon has the aesthetic you want from a home, especially if it has those different shades of green stripes on it.

On the other hand, if you want durability first and foremost, how can you say no to a coconut? It might be a little smaller than a pineapple typically, but there’s still plenty of room. SpongeBob lives alone, so he doesn’t need a ton of space. A coconut has by far the most durability of any of these fruits, though. A lot of people need a big, sharp knife to open them up! For protection from the elements, and also sound proofing, a coconut would probably be great.

SpongeBob’s pineapple house definitely seems to be working out for him, but if he ever wanted a change of pace, there are clearly a couple other fruits that could do the job as well.

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