Interviewing the Queen of Aesthetics: Zara Harutyunyan

Zara Harutyunyan is one of Southern California’s largest botox providers, taking her business to the top 1% of practices from scratch. She is an exemplary role model of an entrepreneur for minority women everywhere. To have come to America speaking little to no English and working her way to the top is a true representation of a strong female leader. She is the founder of CRMC Aesthetics and a part of the Allergan certified instructors list, these accomplishments have been highly praised in her industry, and as a literal titan of the aesthetic medicine industry, we jumped at the opportunity to interview her. Here are a few of the questions we asked her. 

An interview of Zara Harutyunyan: The Queen of Aesthetics 

What’s your morning routine like? 

“I typically like to wake up early; I don’t like to rush my morning routine. I have always been a firm believer in starting every day with a good cup of coffee, so I HAVE TO enjoy my morning coffee. While I drink my coffee, I work on emails and catch up on any work phone calls that I have missed. Then I commute to work.” 

What’s your workday like? 

“Seeing patients consumes the majority of my day at work; I usually have little to no time to grab lunch throughout my day. However, this does NOT bother me because it’s a woman’s dream to remain in shape HAHA! My workday usually ends around 5 pm, which is when I wrap up the day, close the office, finalize charts, etc. Then I begin commuting home; this is when I catch up on my phone calls with my girlfriends and think about what I will cook for dinner. I look forward to getting home and spending time with my husband.” 

How would you describe your lifestyle? 

“I would say I have a pretty simple lifestyle — filled with work, family, and travel, but that’s on hold for now. It’s safe to say covid played a major influence in shaping my day-to-day life recently.”  

What made you want to pursue a career in aesthetic medicine? 

“I found qualities within myself that I never expected to have. I would always think of myself as an analytical person rather than an artistic individual, but I was wrong all along. As I grew as a person, I realized that I had any quality all along. On top of having a natural knack for aesthetic medicine, I’ve come to love the aesthetic space for its rewarding nature; seeing my clients look like a more refined version of themself and seeing how that boosts their confidence is truly rewarding, to say the least.”

If Forbes were to come to you for an interview, what would your story be? 

“My story would be focused on being a female minority entrepreneur who built one of the top aesthetic companies in the nation. The practice has become all in one, providing everything from health to beauty, and successfully separating ourselves by actually being able to handle the capacity of providing many services.”

What advice would you offer yourself if you could go back in time?

“The only thing I regret is that I didn’t use a Social Media platform in the earlier stages of my career. I believe my brand could have been light years ahead of where I had started earlier, so to those wanting to pursue something in life, I highly recommend you start as soon as possible. Other than that, I believe the rest is a learning experience.”

Interview takeaway 

Although we only asked a few questions out of respect for her time, it was evident that Zara is a highly influential interviewee whose story is highly admirable. She has a great character, and we can see why Allergen chose to have her lead the way as a very trusted industry insider. 

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