An Bui: How Online Career Accelerator’s Program Can Land You High Paying Careers

Learn the skills the markets want. Companies won’t care about your degree if you don’t have what it takes to help them.

Dropping out of school at the age of 19, An Bui pursued a path in digital marketing in hopes of landing high-paying jobs and building a successful career without the need for any degree, certification, or job experiences. Back then, An Bui believed that the school system was somehow broken. They design courses and teach students academic knowledge that isn’t always necessary to learn and develop skills needed by in-demand industries to help them land high-paying jobs in the future. The school system rips them off by having them take out massive student loans and waste 4 years or so of their lives just to end up landing on entry-level jobs.

An Bui, together with, founded Online Career Accelerator, offering remote job training for those interested in working from home, with online job opportunities and coaching. Their training provides basic to advanced education, world-class courses, and supportive assistance to all students to help them find the best business or remote career online. Their program includes tools and resources that help take their students’ skills to the next level in every step of the training, helping them land a remote career.

After dropping out of college, An Bui self-taught himself with all the in-demand skills required by many companies at the time and has also sought the help and mentorship of some experts who have had success in their chosen careers in the digital space. In just 6 months after dropping out, An Bui landed his first 6-figure digital marketing job and multiple companies started reaching out to him to offer him opportunities. At age 21, An Bui earned past 6 figures proudly with no degree or experience, just learned relevant skills and went off with it. Wanting to share his success with many others, An Bui now spends most of his free time teaching others to do the same so they won’t get stuck in student loan debt or waste years of studying only to end up in an entry-level job.

For today’s generation, it is more practical according to An Bui if you learn in-demand skills from many companies so you won’t have to worry about getting laid off or fired because there will always be companies reaching out to you. Having the ability to help companies grow in size and revenue is what companies want. Not degrees or experiences that don’t even guarantee needed results. Contrary to what many people think that companies automatically filter you out if you don’t have a degree, millions of companies nowadays prefer skills over degrees. If you have what they need and what they’re looking for, they’ll choose your skills over certificates and diplomas.

Don’t trade your time and money at a job, instead, trade your value. The reason why many successful digital marketing experts do well for themselves is that they work so little yet still bring in so many results for their employers or clients.


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