Spend Your Summer Paddling with Shark II Paddling Pump

The high-pressure OutdoorMaster Shark II is the very best power pump for inflatable SUPs on the market. Pump the board fast and conveniently to inflate and deflate. It works well for most inflatable SUP’s, pumped kayaks, other inflatable boats. This pump, made of sturdy and environmentally safe materials, makes your paddleboard easily inflate and deflate.

While you are having an inflatable SUP, you may want to make it a little smoother for yourself and use an electric air pump after inflating it several times manually. If the paddleboard inflates with a high-pressure electric air pump, sweat and hard work are eliminated before the bath. The shaft can be attached to the valve on the frame, the PSI level can be adjusted, and the job is done. This is so much better!

The OutdoorMaster Shark gives a lot for an electric air pump. 20 PSI ensures that the SUP Board is excellent and stable, usually requiring about 15 PSI. The first step was to inflate the pump as soon as possible with a total of 350 liters of air per minute. The board is now inflated in the second stage but must be moved to the correct air pressure. The pump uses 70 liters of air a minute to achieve this remainder because of the increased fuel consumption.

It is simple to use:

The Shark II is simpler and easy to use. As compared to the car battery, it conveniently fits into the 12V DC socket in your engine. Moreover, it is lightweight, simple to carry, and very compact with a built-in handle. But the most significant characteristic is that it has an integrated cooling mechanism that doesn’t overheat and burn out, which makes it stand out from the others. OutdoorMaster states that it can inflate up to three boards in a row and has proved correct. A beach umbrella is also the best product of OutdoorMaster that works like the Shark II.

Product specifications/features:

Following are some of the features of OutdoorMaster Shark II and the beach umbrella that make them a great product,

  1. Speed: It has great speed. You can save the wait time and have fun! The Shark II uses state-of-the-art tech to swell the SUP board or some other inflatable rate and with optimal pressure.
  2. Cooling system: Patents and unique FACS architecture prevents you from overheating your Shark II, especially on a hot beach day.
  3. Adaptability: You only have to insert your Shark II into the 12V DC connector of your car, and you will be loaded!
  4. It makes deflation simpler: If you come back from the pool, it is easy to deflate – you can clean it in less than 1 minute, and you’re ready to pick it up!
  5. It has a variety of uses: Your Shark II will support nearly every iSUP sheet, yacht, kayak, or air mattress! For all of your inflatables, you need one pump.
  6. Eco-friendly and tested carefully: Many certifications have shown that Shark II is eco-friendly, and it has been tested many times so, you don’t need to worry.
  7. Design: For all adventures, the Shark II and beach umbrella are the ideal friends. Their compact sizes make them easy to slip into any pocket or paddleboard.

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