Ron Malhotra Talks About How A Great Future Doesn’t Require A Great Past

Ron Malhotra has risen to the top as a business, wealth and self-development expert.

Ron Malhotra’s observation and study of highly successful people, has convinced him that a great future doesn’t require a great past. Not only that, his own life is a testament to the fact that one’s past does not have to determine one’s future. Ron says that one of the biggest differences between people who get what they want, and people who stagnate and struggle to design the life they want, is how they make decisions.

People who are consistently able to design the life they want, and continually achieve their goals, have one factor in common.

What is that factor?

It is the fact that successful people predominantly make decisions based on their future vision.

How does that differ from those who struggle to change their lives and get what they want?

According to Ron, if you observe carefully, most people make decisions primarily based on past memories. Whilst high achievers place more of their focus on their future dreams, which alters their emotional state and results in decisive and enthusiastic actions, everyone else seems to focus more on past events (especially negative events or stories) to drive the decisions for their life.

So, what does that do, you may be wondering?

Well, a person who keeps replaying past memories in their mind, will display less enthusiasm and resolve in their behaviour, than someone who feels excited about their future. That disproportionate focus on past events creates inner resistance, doubt and worry, leading to playing it safe and sticking to the familiar.

“By sticking to the familiar, the average individual misses out on new experiences, which are necessary for growth and confidence development”, Ron asserts.

Ron explains how he came from an average middle-class family, where money was always an issue. In his early twenties, Ron struggled a lot. “My beliefs, based on my conditioning, were that a good and stable job is the way to success. Because of that, I never considered anything other than employment. I was in a scarcity mindset and therefore, I was seeking stability. When I realized that my future vision was much greater than just having a house and a car, and the occasional holiday, I started making decisions based on what I wanted, instead of where I came from or where I currently was. I was not aware of my own subconscious decision-making patterns, which would always compel me to make decisions from a place of safety, instead of seeking growth and diversity of experience.”

Today, Ron mentors professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and business owners on how to identify their internal mental and emotional blockages and how to smash past those conditioned and imagined limits. Ron has clients, some of them CEO’s and even Hollywood stars, who all want the same thing – to understand and maximize their potential.

Going from renting a room with five people, to building multiple businesses, acquiring multiple properties, building a strong investment portfolio, building global influence within a few short years, Ron feels qualified to enable people to identify and smash through their perceived limits to achieve the vision that they truly imagined for their lives and careers.

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