Mafia and football

Did you know that betting is an industry with huge revenues. Assuming a club-level soccer game in Asia, earning a single dollar per citizen, the betting companies would have made tens of millions of dollars. And when the players are doing the circus with the ball to stun the fans, there are also hands behind that manipulate and dominate the match. 

Therefore, if you are a gambler, you need to be very careful and have to do your homework before deciding to splash out on a game. Check out Kubet is to compare odds and participate in sports betting. 

The shadow in FIFA

On the morning of May 27, 2015, Switzerland arrested 7 officials of the FIFA World Football Federation for bribery, receiving results, fraudulent votes and a series of other wrongdoings. There have been 14 people, including 9 current and retired FIFA executives, with the exception of FIFA President Seep Blatter. They were accused of corruption, fraud and pocketing $150 million. Swiss prosecutors have been investigating the shady transactions behind decisions to award the 2018 World Cup hosting rights to Russia and 2022 to Qatar.

And cheating has long existed as a habit in sports. Criminals, for example, used to dominate boxing, cricket as well as mushroom-like gambling networks in the United States. And FIFA is considered the richest, strongest and most extortion of the world from football missions. Public opinion is very skeptical about the illegal and non-transparent actions of this organization. The entire operation of FIFA is run by a group that is closely linked together, indebted to a boss.

These activities began under Blatter’s predecessor João Havelange, Brazilian, FIFA became a corrupt and wealthy empire by admitting more and more developing countries and buying votes from these countries have passed through lucrative deals. At one point, the media called Blatter “Blatter Godfather”. Many of the organization’s secrets, such as intimidation of competitors to run the organization, and bribery and debt collection have sparked the relationship between FIFA and criminals. The colossal sums of the Coca-Cola and Adidas companies were mixed into the system to flow into the bottomless pocket of the Third World rulers and, as allegedly, into Havelange.

Coca-Cola was the main sponsor of the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, while being ruled by a brutal military government. Unlike Havelange, Blatter does not publicly relate to criminals. But his power was also based on votes and the loyalty of countries outside Western Europe, met with the promise of television rights and franchises. As is the case with Qatar, it still won the right to host the World Cup despite the country’s climate is completely unsuitable.

When criticized by the West, Blatter responded that it was the opinion of the European colonialists, racists. Blatter is a ruthless operator but sees himself as a fighting hero for developing countries, defending the interests of Africans, Asians, Arabs, and South Americans from an arrogant West. Corrupt politicians from poor countries are bribed for Western political and commercial purposes. A really huge amount of money is being generated outside the West like in China, the Persian Gulf, and even Russia. To Satisfy dictatorships and shady commercial interests. It is an alliance between Western interest groups and the wealthy, undemocratic power.

They have distracted public opinion with their anti-imperialist positions on the left. A series of compromises with tycoons, dictators. For example, sell a university or museum franchise to a Gulf country, build a giant stadium in China, or make a fortune by favors hosting rights. World Cup for Russia or Qatar. Corruption, the buying of votes, the unreasonable hunger for international prestige of football managers, the drawers filled with medals and prizes – all under the name of a shared mission. That is toxic hypocrisy. And the power of money still rules in any formal form.

When the referee is manipulated

In the mafia’s soccer manipulation, the referee’s manipulation is considered to be a factor that directly affects the outcome of the match.

Referee Byron Moreno

On September 21, 2010, referee Byron Moreno was arrested at John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York (USA) after taking a commercial flight from Ecuador. Moreno was found hiding 6 kg of highly sophisticated heroin in his underwear. The arrest of the Ecuadorian referee made FIFA “ugly”, but for the mafia gangs, Moreno’s fall in the law was an accident that cost them a large amount of money. Because for a long time, Moreno has become henchmen of criminal gangs manipulating the results of football matches, culminating in the “whistleblowing” in the 2002 World Cup quarter-final match between hosts Korea and Italy.

In addition to the heavy disqualification of Francesco Totti, the referee bluntly did not recognize a valid goal in the 111th minute in extra time of Damiano Tommasi. Italy was eliminated in the instant by the “golden goal” of Jung Hwan Ahn in the 117th minute.

In September 2002, Moreno became the focus of selling at home again in a match in the league between Deportiva Universitaria de Quito and Barcelona Sporting Club. In this match, the 46-year-old former referee surprisingly gave a 13-minute injury time to help Deportiva score 2 consecutive goals to win 3-2. After this incident, Moreno was suspended for 20 matches.

In September 2002, Moreno became the focal point of selling at home again in a match in the league between Deportiva Universitaria de Quito and Barcelona Sporting Club. In this match, the 46-year-old former referee surprisingly gave a 13-minute injury time to help Deportiva score 2 consecutive goals to win 3-2. After this incident, Moreno was suspended for 20 matches. 

Referee Robert Hoyzer

In 2005, Robert Hoyzer had shocked German football when he was convicted of arranging the results of 23 matches in the German Cup, the Bundesliga and the second and third place. According to the investigation, this referee sold himself to bettors only to receive 70,000 USD when arranging domestic matches in the period from 10.4 to 3.12.2004. The scandal rocked European football and affected the 2006 World Cup and also led to hundreds of semi-degree investigations started, of which more than 100 officials, referees, players, coaches.etc summoned and arrested.According to Europol, organized crime groups and mafia-like organizations see such forms of monetization as a good business, with little risk and high returns. The money generated globally from football betting is greater than any other form of sports betting. Football cheating is becoming more and more sophisticated. However, the number of people following and pouring into betting is constantly increasing. And that’s definitely a trend now and for the foreseeable future. You are one of those betting players, you can read on the website Kubet betting to know everything about football betting and get fixed matches at all times.

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