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How To Find The Best Dog Walker In San Francisco California

Finding the best dog walker in San Francisco, California is going to be one of the hardest things you do in life. The reason I say this is because San Francisco is extremely popular for its dog walking industry. Almost every person owns a dog in San Francisco, it’s like a unspoken rule of fitting into society. Yeah sure there are a lot of those who actually love dogs and own one because they can’t live without them, but at the same time there are those who bought a dog just because everyone else they know has one. But what most people don’t understand is that owning a dog is a huge responsibility. Most people who live in San Francisco, CA can do so only because they have full-time jobs or businesses. These people actually have to spend majority of their time doing their jobs or running their businesses. Because most San Francisco residents don’t have time to actually take care of their dogs, they have to hire dog walkers. In this post we will give you the inside scoop on how to find the best dog walkers in San Francisco, Ca.

Dog Walking Companies San Francisco, CA

Finding the best dog walker in San Francisco, CA is very hard but not impossible. There are hundreds of dog walking companies in San Francisco and thousands of private dog walkers. How do you pick out the perfect one out of so many choices. We will break it down for you. Below we will explain all the important factors you should be looking at when deciding on the perfect dog walker for you.

Can Your Dog Walker Guarantee Their Dog Walk Time

The main job of a dog walker is to walk your dog. To provide this service dog walker’s charge you a pretty hefty price for each walk. However the problem that most dog owners face is that they can never be sure if the dog walker actually walked their dog or not and if they did walk the dog, how long was the actual walk. This is one of the biggest problems all dog owners face. We have done extensive research and vetted over 100+ dog walkers in San Francisco to find out which ones can guarantee dog walk time. 

Out of the 100’s of dog walker companies in San Francisco there was only one dog walking company that can actually guarantee their dog walk time. That company is called 360 Dog Walker San Francisco, CA. This is a new start-up that has recently been started officially. The name of the owner is Nancy Bernard and she is one of the nicest persons we’ve met in the dog walking industry. Nancy Bernard is not only a really nice person but she is also an dog expert. She has many years of experience with dogs, so she is not your typical dog walker. She is a dog expert who also provides dog boarding, dog training and dog daycare services. She has trained with the best in the industry and has substantial credentials to back her up.

GPS Collars & How They Help Guarantee Dog Walk Time

360 Dog Walker in San Francisco, CA use a special GPS collar with state of the art technology to help provide guaranteed dog walk times. At the time of writing this post we don’t know of any other dog walking company that uses this technology. The GPS collars are used on every dog they walk. The owners can access their dog walk times, routes and much more information through an online app. With the GPS collars 360 Dog Walker can guarantee each dog’s walk time and also let you know where your dog has walked each time they went on a dog walk. No other company uses GPS collars as of now.   

Dog Safety & How GPS Collars Help Out

Another crucial factor GPS collars achieve is your dog’s safety. As you may have already heard in the news or from a close friend, San Francisco is notorious for dogs being stolen. In the recent years there are hundreds of cases where dogs have been stolen from back yards or even from dog walkers at gun point. The safety of your dog is one of the top priorities 360 Dog Walker has on file. Since every dog at 360 Dog Walker is equipped with a GPS collar, it is very easy for the company to track each dog’s whereabouts. In case your dog does get lost or stolen the company can easily track your dog down and call the police for help. With 360 Dog Walker you won’t have to worry about your dog running away, getting lost or being stolen.

Dog Health & How Dog Health Apps Are Very Important

Another very important factor you must consider when hiring a dog walking company in San Francisco is your dogs health. What happens if your dog gets hurt or has any sort of health issue while the dog is with the dog walker. All of the companies with the exception of 360 Dog Walker, won’t know what to do. The only thing these dog walking companies can do is return your dog back to you. This can be the worst thing someone can do if your dog is suffering from a major health problem. By the time your dog is returned to you and you figure out what’s going on, it may be too late. This is exactly why we ranked 360 Dog Walker the best dog walking company in San Francisco. 360 Dog Walker takes advantage of technology here as well. 360 Dog Walker has developed their own private dog health app. Each client is given access to this app. The app has all the vital medical information updated on a regular basis. Whenever your dog suffers from a medical problem, the company has full access to your dogs health records and can give these records to the vet on your behalf.

Getting immediate medical care for your dog is very important and 360 Dog Walker understands this. 360 Dog Walker will be able to take your dog to the vet in any medical emergency and be able to give the vet all the important medical records through the app. The dog health app also helps make it possible for the owner to be constantly updated on their dogs health. The dog health app is a very crucial factor that every  dog owner should and must consider. During our research and vetting process we found that only 360 Dog Walker has this options for their clients.

Total VIP Dog Walker Experience

Now that we have the necessities taken care of, how about  we talk about which dog walking company provides luxury for your dog. We have vetted 100+ dog walking companies and found that out of all of them 360 Dog Walking takes the cake here as well. 360 Dog Walking has the philosophy of a 360° approach to your dogs health and fitness. 360 Dog Walking gives yours dog an overall 360 degree experience and they do not cheap out when it comes to luxury. They have special VIP SUV’s they use to come and pick your dog up. The SUV’s they use are filled with luxuries especially for your dog. After taking your dog for a walk and before returning your dog back to you, 360 Dog Walker gives your dog a luxurious VIP spa experience. This includes cleaning your dog, cutting their nails and so much more.

360 Dog Walker has scored number one in every category and this is why we can recommend them to every dog owner who loves their dog. 360 Dog Walker will give your dog a truly VIP experience. Every dog owner who only wants the best of the best for their dog should contact them in San Francisco.  

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