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How to Choose the Right Trampoline for Your Backyard

A trampoline is a fun filled equipment for everyone in your family. The idea of buying a new trampoline brings so much excitement among your kids. But make sure you choose the right trampoline because a tiny mistake in choosing a trampoline may lead to a dangerous accident or injury that will be irreversible.

In order to choose a trampoline that is right for your family, you need to gain some knowledge about it. Because without proper knowledge, you cannot decide which trampoline is suitable according to your requirements. That’s we are here to help you to find the best trampoline for kids, adults and everyone in your family.

How to Choose the Right Trampoline

When you decide to buy a trampoline, you need to consider the trampoline size, shape, brand, color, frame, poles, jumping mat, enclosure net, safety pad, trampoline cost and warranty details. Thereafter you should choose a trampoline that meets your needs and also fits in your budget.

Now, we will tell you the important points that you much consider at the time of buying a new trampoline.

Backyard Space:

Trampolines are available in various sizes from 36-inch to 15 feet and bigger sizes. But you need to check the space available for the trampoline in your backyard. You should take a tape measure to check the space before you choose any trampoline.

Kindly remember that you need to have 2 feet free space in all directions after the trampoline is installed. There must not be any fences, well, tree branches, cables/wires or other obstacles nearby the trampoline.

Trampoline Brand:

The trampolines are made by many brands such as Skywalker, Giantex, Kangaroo Hoppers, LBLA, Pure Fun and others. Actually, the trampoline brand is less important than the material quality and overall construction of the trampoline.

So, you should consider the trampoline brand but it is not the only thing to check while for choosing the right trampoline for your kids.

Trampoline Size:

The available sizes of trampoline are 36-inch, 38-inch, 48-inch, 55-inch, 5-foot, 7-foot, 8-foot, 10-foot, 12-foot, 14-foot, 15-foot and bigger sizes.

You should choose a small trampoline (36-inch to 7-foot) if your backyard has limited space or you need a trampoline for a toddler or younger kid. If you have a large space in your backyard and you want a trampoline for elder kids & adults then you should definitely choose a large trampoline (12-foot to 15-foot or bigger).

Trampoline Shape:

When you take a look in market, you will see the trampolines of various sizes and shapes. You can choose a trampoline in round, rectangle, oval, square and other shapes.

Out of different trampoline shapes, round trampolines are more popular and they offer a huge variety. Furthermore, the round trampolines are available at an affordable price.

Trampoline Color:

Trampoline Color is the main highlight of the product. Although the color has nothing to do with the quality of the trampoline, it will attract your kids’ attention. Therefore you should choose a trampoline with bright, beautiful and vibrant colors.

The trampolines are available in blue, green, black, red, yellow and pink colors. For boys, you can choose a blue or green trampoline. You should choose a pink trampoline for girls and young kids. You should see the best pink trampolines and choose the right trampoline for your backyard.

Trampoline Frame:

You should check that the trampoline frame is made of heavy duty steel tubes that can withstand outdoor weather conditions. The frame includes trampoline structure, legs and enclosure poles that keep it in balance when in use and provide added stability.

The trampoline frame should have black powder coating (or other coating) to protect from rust, corrosion and other weather effects.


The trampoline springs must be longer and tightly coiled. The more number of springs and longer size can provide better bounces and good performance. Make sure the springs are rust resistant to withstand different weathers and provide long lasting use.

Jumping Mat:

The jumping mat is an important component of the trampoline. Because you and your family members are going to stay on the jump mat as long as you are jumping on the trampoline.

Make sure the trampoline mat is made of high quality polypropylene or permatron material that is UV resistant. Only then it can last longer.

Enclosure Net:

The enclosure net provides 360-degree protection to save the jumpers from falling out while playing on the trampoline. You must not buy a trampoline without enclosure net as it is not safe.

Spring Cover/Pad:

The spring pad covers all springs and save the jumpers from hitting or getting caught in springs. The spring cover should have foam padding to provide maximum safety to the users.

Weight Capacity:

You should choose a trampoline with higher weight limit so that you and your kids can play on it at the same time.

Trampoline Cost:

The cost of trampoline should be around your budget limit. However, you should not compromise with quality because a cheap trampoline may cost you a lot with unexpected accidents and its consequences.

Final Verdict:

At the end, we just want to advise you to be careful while choosing a trampoline for your family. You should go through all the points we have discussed above and choose the trampoline that meets your needs and offers good performance with great safety features.

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