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Are You Looking For An Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent? My Advice On How To Find One

Have you been trying to find an investor-friendly real estate agent that can help you find investment properties? I am a real estate agent and real estate investor and I work with alot of cash buyers and investors. To answer this question I thought to myself; How did I start working with all of my current real estate investors? How did we initially come into contact and begin our relationships? 

Look For Agents Listing Distressed Properties For Sale

Firstly, don’t Google investor friendly real estate agents because that term doesn’t really exist and you unfortunately won’t find what you’re looking for. I’ve never used that title and never used that description and never seen any other real estate agents who work with alot of investors use that title so you likely won’t find anything. What you want to do is: search and find real estate agents that are selling distressed property. I always suggest picking a target area you want to get property in a look through the last 50 transactions. You want to find real estate agents that have consistently listed pre foreclosures and bank-owned property. Nearly all real estate agents will run away from these types of deals, but these are perfect for investors. If you see an agent consistently lists pre foreclosures and short sales they are definitely investor friendly. That is an agent you want to connect with!

Look For Agents Listing Recently Renovated Properties For Sale

If you find an agent that is selling nearly exclusively recently renovated/brand new houses you should put them on your watch list. The reason why they have these recently renovated houses is because they are working with investors and property developers because many real estate agents will do deals with investors and property developers where they’ll sell them distressed property for cheap in exchange for getting the listing once they redo the house and want to sell it. Most of the time if you see an agent and they keep consistently these types of property I assure you that this is the reason. Also, I would recommend to you that this is the type of deal that you want to negotiate with the real estate agent because then they will take you much more seriously. You want them to understand that if they help you find cheap distressed property they will get the listing and the commission when it’s sold for a higher price. You will get much more co-operation and interest from real estate agents to broker these kinds of deals with you.

Go To Real Estate Meetings In Your Area

My final tip is: You absolutely must go to real estate meetings in your area and often! I meet up every month with tons of people looking to invest and who are experienced investors. This is where you’ll find real estate agents who are looking for investors, as well as other investors who can help you out and give you advice. You need to start networking and actually get into the real estate scene in order to start getting anything done and start making money. When you get out there it is really, really hard if you’re just relying on Google to make these connections for you rather than putting out the time and effort to try and meet these people in person and form a real connection and interest. Also, if you rely purely on Google it is much harder to find agents who even want to work with investors as most are just trying to sell houses and that’s it. Please, get out and meet your local people. These events are geared towards investing and everyone is in this field and mindset necessary to work properly with you. Some nights at these meetings you can find 5-6 real estate agents who are already involved with distressed property and who are already seasoned enough to be able to work with you and find deals. This will cut down your search time dramatically. In my opinion this is the most important advice I could give. You can also ask the investors who they use for investors and gain new connections this way.

To Summarise:

This is all my advice for you to get started working with real estate agents who want to help you start investing and making money. I hope that you implement all of these tips because if you do you will quickly start finding agents that will help you achieve your goals and drastically cut down on time wastage looking for agents.

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