Acting Heavyweights Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern Set to Star in “The Son”

Chances are that if you’re even remotely a fan of movies and the actors that help make these fantastical worlds come to life then you know your way around the stellar filmographies of thespians Laura Dern and Hugh Jackman. Collectively, these two titans of the silver screen have contributed indelible moments in such films as Wild at Heart, Prisoners, Marriage Story, The Fountain, Australia, Blue Velvet, Wild and Rambling Rose. Oh, and they both factored in heavily with the summer popcorn crowd in big screen extravaganzas such as X-Men and Jurassic Park. When you have both the art house crowd and the mainstream lot rhapsodic about your appearance in a film, you know you’re on to something. These very qualities obviously proved alluring to the makers of the upcoming The Son, a follow-up to the Oscar nominated The Father. How do we know that? Why, a little birdie over at The Hollywood Reporter told us (though with a little less hyperbole and flourish; chalk it up to ye olde overeager cinema buff)…

 The venerable industry trade paper announced this very day that Mr. Hugh Jackman and Ms. Laura Dern have signed on to act in director Florian Zeller’s upcoming film The Son. This bit of news comes right at the moment the film’s predecessor The Father is making serious noise with nominations from the Oscars and the BAFTA’s. Strike while the iron’s hot, right?

 The Son is an adaptation of Zeller’s own stage play of the same name and is about a troubled teenage boy named Nicholas who is reinserted into his father’s (Jackman) bustling new marriage by his at-her-wits-end mother (Dern). The theme of the story is adolescent depression, picking up the thread of The Father which dealt with dementia. Did we mention that The Son is a comedy? No, we didn’t? Good, ‘cause it certainly is not that. Rather, it’s a deep dive into some pretty heady and serious real-life issues.

In a press release, Zeller stated that The Son is a deeply human story which, I believe, connects us all; I hope audiences will be profoundly moved by this family’s journey. Both Hugh and Laura naturally convey great warmth, compassion, and vulnerability…Inviting our audience to embrace and feel every moment. The story is set in a vibrant and very much alive New York, an important character. The movie should make us call family and friends to tell them that they ae wholly loved and not alone.”

The Son has not announced a start date for production, but all of us Laura Dern and Hugh Jackman aficionados here at Vents will keep you up to date on details as they become known to us…Keep your eyes on the sky, True Beleivers!

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