Jon Rhoten- Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Mix-Engineer

With inborn talent and creative DNA, one of the most eclectic Rock Artist, Jon Rhoten, a change catalyst of Brit-rock and alt-punk music styles craft a beautiful piece of 4-tracks, Undone, Sing my Song, Pathetic, The Space That Binds album named “Rhoten” in his Rhoten Studio, which is a true reflection of his creativeness and mix of Brit-rock, post-punk, heavy metallic, raw drums, guitar, and subtle sounds of the key.

Rhoten creativity outpours through the lyrics and of each song which are written, produced, mix engineered, performed, and mastered by himself keeping listeners on their toes with every release. 

Rhoten has a great sense of music and plays well with the instruments and these all you feel when listening to his first album song Undone, shows the highlights the eternity of time, its impact on our lives, starting with smooth guitar, melodious vocal, continuously in flow with metallic, drumming, keys, and beats. It takes you in a different world of passion, full of energy, and gives you a sense of pleasant feeling and hope.

“Sing My Song” is a cheerful song, started with acoustic guitar and beautiful lyrics showcasing the raw, gritty nature of Rhoten’s vocals. It’s a song of hope, passion, love, overcoming struggles, living in the moment, and friendship tied closely to a personal story of Rhoten’s first performance – is both wholesome and relatable and not only for Rhoten’s story but it depicts a million of listeners story too.

Just tune up another masterpiece of rock track “Pathetic”, entirely different than the first two songs, shows Rhoten’s true intelligence and his expertise with mix-engineering. The song starts with quick drumbeats, crunchy electric guitars, punchy bass, and cutting lyrics with a melodious voice. 

The continuous flow, guitarist touch in the middle, and the hook line will stay longer in your head it goes like “so you think I’m so pathetic, it’s just you” and it’s so catchy and fine-tuned that you feel moves and groove by listening to it on repeat. 

The album closes with the track The Space That Binds, which starts with beats, drums, beautifully blend with guitars, keys, deep thought-provoking lyrics, and soft smooth Rhoten’s Vocal. 

One of the best parts in the middle where it has low keys then gradually high drumming and melodious voice connect you back that you feel yourself floating in the space. The second interesting energetic part is the electric guitar which gives energy and rhythmic touch. 

Rhoten is a great mix of rock and punk; a piece of art full of creativeness, talent, passion, energy, hope, and love. 

Every track has its feel and uniqueness, very well written, composition, production, performance all seems intelligently done and it’s by one person Jon Rhoten.

Technically, “Rhoten” is lively, full of passion, energy, and a talented masterpiece of Brit-rock and alt-punk music, an incredibly accomplished album special for an artist— an ideal debut. 

“Rhoten” is Out Now and available on all the major platforms such as Spotify, youtube, apple music. 

Please follow Jon Rhoten to know more about his hobbies, interests, upcoming projects, and live performance.

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