How Can I boost my chances of winning on slot machines?

Winning on a slot machine is something which many do but for some players it happens far too infrequently. They are left wondering if they can boost their chances of winning on a slot machine. It’s best to know how to win at slots and learn how to make money online.

Can Players Affect the Outcome of a Slot?

The simple answer is no, there is nothing a player can do which will affect the outcome of a slot machine. The main reason for this is because online slots have a piece of hardware installed which means that they produce a completely random result, this ensures that the slot treats both the casino and the player exactly the same without favouring anyone. This little piece of hardware is called the RNG, standing for random number generator, it can be found in every online slot. There is nothing that a player can do to influence the RNG.

Things you Can Do

Even though there is nothing that a player can do to boost their chances of winning through the RTP, there are still a few things that players can do which will put them in a greater position to win.

●     Check the RTP, this is something which is simple yet it can have a huge influence on the outcome of a slot game. The average RTP is around 95% which means that players in need of a win should be looking for a slot with an RTP which is above that. Although the RTP isn’t a guarantee, it is a good indicator.

●     Bet wisely. There is no point in betting like a high roller if you have a relatively small bankroll, it is important to set a budget and stick to it. Once you have emptied your budget, turn off the casino site and walk away. Players can make their budgets last long by placing smaller bets and utilizing slots with free spins in a smarter manner.

●     Avoid highly volatile slots. The volatility of a slot indicates how much risk is involved, the higher the volatility the more risk the player is taking.

Myths to Avoid

There are some myths and urban legends surrounding how you can boost your chances of winning on a slot machine. Unfortunately, following these myths can be dangerous and result in a player making bad decisions.

  1. Betting more means that the slot is more likely to payout. This will never happen as the RNG ensures that any outcome from the reels is entirely random. Although there may have been times where betting higher has resulted in a win, this is not because of the bigger bet but rather the random number generator. This is an incredibly risky and dangerous way of playing.
  2. Believing that the slot owes you. This means that players expect a slot to payout when they have been losing for more than a few spins. Unfortunately, the slot doesn’t owe a player anything. Thanks to the RNG, the slot cannot even remember it’s previous result so it won’t be influenced by what came before it. It really is best just to quit while you’re ahead.


While players cannot directly affect the outcome of a slot game thanks to the RNG, if they decide to play a little smarter there are certainly things that players can do which will improve the odds.

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