Electric Scooters in Ireland and E-Scooter Safety with Green Electric Scooters

Electric scooters in Ireland for kids are a popular thing these days.. If you have bought one for your kid or are thinking of surprising him with one, you should familiarize yourself with some safety recommendations.

Hitting the rugged roads of Ireland on an e-scooter can be dangerous, similar to any other vehicle. The highways are full of the unexpected, but that will not keep people from enjoying their rides on them. Therefore, it would be best to walk your child through the safety rules of riding before heading off on their inaugural scooter adventure.  It is a measure that will help mitigate the potential risk of accidents and ensure he arrives at his destination safely. Below are a few e-scooter safety tips for children worth knowing and also here is a good guide on e-scooter safety.

1).        Should Value The Need To Always Wear A Helmet

It is wise to wear a helmet when riding two-wheeled vehicles, and this also applies to low-powered electric scooters. While it might not be a legal requirement for the grown folks, it is illegal in most places for kids to ride their e-scooter without wearing the required safety gear.

Collisions are somewhat commonplace on the roads. Hence, ensuring your child is in protective gear that shields the head and neck is a wise safety measure. You will minimize the potential impact during an accident. Therefore, wearing a helmet should be non-negotiable.

2).        Let Him Start Slow

Cruising at speeds is the exciting aspect of riding an e-scooter. And while the scooter can be operated at incredible speeds, that does not mean your child should run it at the maximum. Traveling at fast speeds increases the risk of your kid lose control of his electric scooter.

As such, evaluate the speeds we would prefer. Please talk about this before he heads off on his first ride. Let him test the brakes to know how the scooter slows down. However, insist on him starting slow to gain his balance and understand what it takes to control his new toy when riding. Figuring out how to operate the electric scooter is not difficult for children. Nevertheless, it does take some getting used to before they can be ready to cruise at full throttle.

3).        Let Him The Risks Of Hauling Extra Weight

If you consider letting your kid use the scooter when heading to school, he will travel with his backpack. The bag on the back is not such a bad idea for a kiddie e-scooter, but hanging it on the handlebars is dangerous. Children’s electric scooters do not have a heavy and sturdy build like the adult models. Therefore, they are subject to some limitations regarding what they can carry. As such, inform him of the dangers of having heavy cargo and why hanging it on the handlebars is a foolish idea that can throw off his balance.

4).        Insist On Him Ride Solo

Your kid will think of buddying up with his friend on the e-scooter. Let him know of the risks involved in doing such a thing. Electric scooters for kids cannot support significant weight. And although their combined weight might not surpass the scooter’s limit, doubling up makes it harder to steer and maintain his balance.

Buddying up may sound fun and worth the risk, but it is too dangerous to try. If your child wishes to let his pals experience the joy of zipping around the neighborhood on his electric scooter, let them take turns. Each should run the scooter solo, and nobody should double up on the scooter.

5).        Never Let Him Use His Phone When Riding

Your child should let go of the notion that operating an electric scooter on the roads is not that different from driving a car. Let him understand that steering demands the same concentration as driving a vehicle. While the e-scooter is designed for kids, it can travel at the same speed as a family car. Therefore, proper riding will entail watching the speeds, maintain proper balance, which requires concentration. They should be responsible when on the roads, avoiding things like cellphones that tend to distract even grown folk. It only takes a split-second of taking the eyes off the road for an accident to happen.

Therefore, teach him the significance of making the number one rule of safety when driving or riding – “always keep your eyes on the road.” He should maintain both hands on the handlebars and eyes looking straight ahead. Moreover, he should stop the scooter if he has to check in the phone, take a picture, or text a friend. Such things should not be done when in motion because they are distractions that significantly increase the risk of accidents and injuries.

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