Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor after a Car Accident

When you are involved in a car accident, your vehicle is not the only thing that suffers the damage. While you may escape with minor scrapes or cuts, you may soon experience pain or soreness because of the way the crash impact jostles your body. The first thing you need to do is to visit a doctor immediately after the accident. The doctor will treat the immediate life-threatening injuries and minor cuts and bruises. However, it would help if you did not stop here even when your doctor has ruled out any life-threatening injuries. 

A chiropractor will help treat the lingering neck, back, and spine pain and other musculoskeletal issues. While the pain may not be present immediately after the accident, an auto injury chiropractor will help to prevent permanent consequences from the accident. 

How Soon Can I Visit a Chiropractor After a Car Accident?

If you are diagnosed with whiplash or back injuries after receiving medical care after an auto accident, it is essential to see a chiropractor. Waiting for settlement from your insurance company may take months, by which time the injuries may worsen. Most insurance policies cover chiropractic care after a car accident.

Additionally, seeking chiropractic care soon after the accident will enable your personal injury attorney to negotiate for reimbursement. Your insurance or the negligent driver insurance may argue that your injuries were not because of the accident, especially when you take too long before seeking chiropractic care.  These auto injury doctors can help with all your medical documentations.  How many times you visited their clinics, duration, and the treatment that they provided.  The chiropractor can also estimate any additional visits in the foreseeable future after so many sessions to complete your healing of your injuries or recommend you see their in house physical therapist.  These documentation will come in handy if your personal injury lawyer has to get involved. 

Additionally, getting chiropractic care reduces the chances for further injuries down the road. Realigning your spine or back takes time. Visiting an auto injury chiropractor enables the professional to treat the pain and save you from experiencing ongoing or worsening pain. 

Why you should see a chiropractor after a car accident

1.    Auto accident chiropractors offers a speedy diagnosis

The funny thing about car accident pain is that it often shows up when you least expect it. While you may feel fine immediately after the auto accident, it is crucial to be checked by an auto injury doctor. Surprisingly, the pain may take weeks or months to present itself. The body produces hormones that help cope with the changes and compensate for injuries. However, the tendons, muscles, and ligaments will show the compensation results in the form of pain.

An auto injury chiropractor will help diagnose the pain and determine if you would benefit from the chiropractic care. The chiropractor usually performs a detailed assessment that involves checking the patient history, doing a physical exam, and performing the necessary diagnostic imaging to determine the extent of the injury. After the diagnostic process, the chiropractor will develop a treatment plan that fits the patient’s injuries and their current state of health.

2.    Chiropractors specialize in treating auto-accident related injuries

While a general medical practitioner may help deal with the immediate injuries after a car accident, they may lack adequate knowledge in treating the typical car accident-related injuries. Most often, the doctor will prescribe pain medications to deal with the pain. Unfortunately, pain medications mask the pain symptoms and do very little to soothe irritated muscles or aligning the back. Auto injury chiropractors are experienced in this field and help diagnose the root cause of the pain. Whiplash is a common condition that develops after a car accident.

 Whiplash injuries present themselves as headaches, low back pain, and neck. The condition develops when the body experiences movement in one direction and then again in the opposite direction. Remember, when in a car, the body is in motion and at the same speed as your car. If the car hits another car or a barricade, it may stop immediately; however, your body will not stop instantly until it is restricted by the seat belt or other car parts such as the steering wheel, dashboard, or airbag. The jerking stop often leads to whiplash injuries.

3.    A chiropractor offers non-invasive, drug-free treatment options

 A chiropractor understands that to eliminate pain for good, addressing the root cause is crucial. As mentioned earlier, pain medication only masks the symptoms of underlying problems. A chiropractor will follow a thorough diagnostic process to examine the primary pain triggers. They also use a holistic approach in treating the pain symptoms. Additionally, unlike general doctors, chiropractic care and treatment do not use invasive techniques such as surgeries. Chiropractors make the following drug-free treatment techniques.

  • Whiplash treatment

 The whiplash treatment focuses on reducing inflammation around the neck. The chiropractor makes use of various therapy modalities such as ultrasound. The specialist may also use manual therapy and gentle stretching.

  • Spinal manipulation

 Chiropractors also use spinal manipulation or rehabilitation to treat injuries sustained during a car crash. The crash impact may cause the muscles and bones around the shoulders, back, and hip to dislocate. Spinal manipulations techniques help realign the body musculoskeletal, easing the tension that may cause irritation, soreness, and pain.

  • Manual therapy

 Manual therapy incorporates various techniques such as therapeutic massage, manual joint stretching, trigger point therapy, and instrument assisted soft tissue therapy. These techniques help to treat the injured muscles and ligaments, allowing the body to heal faster.

  • Interferential electrical stimulation

Interferential electrical stimulation makes use of a weak electric current to stimulate the muscles and ligaments. The technique helps in reducing inflammation and stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanism. 

4.    Holistic treatment reduces the recovery time significantly 

 Like other treatments, the recovery period often depends on the severity of the auto injuries and the injuries’ location. The general health and age of the patient will also factor into the recovery period. Nevertheless, an auto injury chiropractor will help the patient to get back on their feet much faster. For starters, these specialists address the root cause, preventing the injuries from worsening. Secondly, chiropractors use holistic, natural healing techniques, which promote faster healing than invasive treatments.

Who pays for the chiropractor care after an auto accident injury?

The negligent driver and their insurer will most often cover the car repair and treatment expenses, including chiropractic treatment. It is crucial to ensure that you seek chiropractor treatment as soon as possible following your accident. Some dishonest insurance companies may deny the claim payment, especially if a significant time has passed before seeking chiropractic care.


Visiting an auto injury chiropractor provides pain relief and prevents the injuries from becoming worse. Seeking chiropractic care after a car accident will also enable the specialist to identify the pain root cause and provide the proper treatment, speeding the recovery process. 

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