Session 9 is Bringing One Stop Shop to Content Creation

The spheres of creatives from all fields come together in the content hub that is Session 9. Music and film production, photography, audio engineering, artist development, marketing, and promotion collaborate to produce quality entertainment. They are most known for their execution of intimate live performances. An artist works with Session 9 to put together a live video that features an original song performed with Session 9’s nine-piece band. It is recorded live and then showcased on the company platforms. In addition to the live performance, artists receive an interview, an onset photo shoot, and promotion of their song.

Session 9 was launched by OG DosEquis, a music producer, pianist, and sound engineer specializing in live musical arrangements and performances. OG stated in an interview that, “we want our audience to know, we are dedicated to bringing some of the hottest and most talented artists from around the world on our platform to showcase their art. This gives fans a close and intimate experience to some of their favorite artist.” In today’s music industry, building trust with clients is harder than ever. This is where Session 9 sets itself apart. OG relates that “I build my clients trust by always being professional, respectful, and honest. Every client I’ve worked with knows the level of professionalism I pride myself and company on.”

This trust has allowed Session 9 to produce for well-known artists such as Kevin Gates and June the Jenius. OG DosEquis has also worked with legendary producers such as LA Reid and BabyFace. The recent success was also bolstered by OG’s groundbreaking performance at the 2020 YouTube awards.

The vision for Session 9 is increasing with its success. Their scope for the next five years is to become a household name in the industry and for the establishment of Session 9 Record Label to take over the music business. 

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