Mohd Salem is changing the trend for online gamers

With the growing popularity of digital platforms in recent years, creators have found a space for their talents. YouTube is one such platform that has helped creators earn a living by pursuing their passion. Gaming on YouTube has gained momentum in the past few years. The constantly evolving technology has made gaming an interactive experience between gamers and the audience on YouTube. Every day many new gamers come on YouTube to prove their brilliance, but only some have found a way to stay like Mohd Salem.

It all started when Salem was young. He has been fascinated by games since his childhood. As he grew up he realized that gaming was his forte and nothing could beat him if he could pursue his passion as a career. Soon he came across YouTube and its world of opportunities for creators. As he started exploring the digital platform, he discovered its downsides as well.

Salem learned that competition and rapidly changing trends were the biggest obstacles to making it big on YouTube. He soon started his research on the ongoing trends among gamers because he wanted to stay ahead of the competition. Salem wanted his gaming platform to be unique in some aspect to keep his content selling for days without having to worry about changing trends.

After much brainstorming, Salem came up with innovative ideas for his gaming platform, ASMR eSports. He recognized the growing popularity of competitive sports in the digital space, so he introduced gaming championships in his channel. By conducting these championship sessions, he was able to feature fellow YouTube gamers in his channel, which widened the reach of his videos. These collaboration videos earned him a genuine audience and positive response within a short time.

However, Salem knew he had to keep improving his content so his audience wouldn’t lose interest and leave. To intensify the thrill and suspense of every gaming session, he introduced rewards for each championship. The idea worked wonders. His gaming sessions grabbed millions of eyeballs within a few months.

Salem focuses on increasing audience involvement by conducting interactive sessions with gaming. This has accelerated audience response, pulling their attention towards his content. He always tries to find better ways to connect with his audience. He knows they are like-minded people who are crazy about games because gaming is a niche content on YouTube.

Salem banks on trending topics and recently launches games to get all the hype that naturally rolls on digital platforms. He also promotes ASMR eSports across all digital platforms. Over the years, Salem has learned how to give the audience what they want. His brilliant techniques have gained thousands of subscribers for his channel within a short time.

Salem hails from Qatar. His humble initiative has grown over the past couple of years to become a gaming sensation on YouTube. He believes the digital space will provide more upcoming opportunities for gamers to grow in the near future. With the rapid advancement in technology and digital space, Salem hopes to keep up the tempo of his channel for years to come. He is an inspiration for many aspiring creators who want to pursue their passion for a living.

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