CBD For Anxiety: What Product Should You Choose?

While there are lots of available options out there that help people to cope with anxiety conditions, such as meditation and pharmacological medicine, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating this condition. However, as research into herbal alternatives continues to be on the rise, the cannabis extract CBD has been thought to be particularly useful for relieving the effects of chronic anxiety. But how can you take CBD to receive its promising benefits? Let’s take a dive into possible ways on how you can use CBD oil for anxiety.

First Thing First: What Is CBD?

Although cannabidiol (commonly known as CBD) is a substance of cannabis, it does not affect users’ psychological state and produces further addiction. According to the research of the World Health Organization: CBD does not show any abuse or dependence on human beings. Moreover, the use of CBD products has no positive correlation with health problems. On the contrary, as a natural ingredient, CBD is able to interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system, which can have positive effects on our lives in many aspects, including stress and anxiety. 

Best Ways To Use CBD Products For Anxiety

Sublingual Application

Whether you choose CBD tinctures, oral sprays or oils, liquids infused with CBD represent a quick, easy and accurate way to intake your daily dose of CBD. Most people prefer to take such products sublingually using a dropper, which involves putting a required number of drops of CBD tincture under your tongue and waiting about 60-90 seconds before swallowing the oil. 

This way, CBD can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream through the mucus membranes found underneath the tongue, on the cheek and along the gums. As a result, you can experience the benefits of CBD faster and get higher absorption rates due to little loss of the substance because CBD will eventually be swallowed.


CBD oil can also be found in almost every edible product like capsules, candies, chocolate, tea and water, among many others. Although it is super easy to consume CBD in this form – and usually delicious, it may take a while for edibles to kick in. When ingested, CBD needs to pass through the digestive tract, where it is absorbed into the bloodstream and spreads throughout your body. 

Depending on an individual body chemistry and metabolism rate, this can take an hour or more before providing positive effects. Oral intake of CBD also means that you will experience low bioavailability, and only a limited quantity of CBD oil will enter the circulatory system. At the same time, prolonged digestion provides a longer duration of action, offering anxiety relief much longer than other methods. 


In case you are looking for the highest bioavailability level and a quick solution to deal with an anxiety attack, vaping is considered one of the fast-acting methods of using CBD oil. Vaping works when specially designed CBD oil is vaporised using a specific device such as a vaping pen or battery.

This method allows avoiding the first-pass metabolism as CBD travels to the lungs, where it quickly enters the bloodstream and offers potential benefits within the shortest period of time. However, vaping comes with some potential harm to the lungs, while the beneficial effects of CBD don’t last long when taken this way.


While CBD creams, balms and other topical products are more suitable for providing localised relief in a particular body part, certain products can also come in handy for addressing anxiety. They also can be a great alternative for people who have difficulty swallowing capsules or don’t like the idea of vaping.

For instance, taking a bath with a soothing product like VAAY CBD bath bomb can help to relieve pain, tension and stress and provide whole-body benefits as the active compounds penetrate the skin through the open pores throughout the body rather than through a small area of the skin.

Additionally, if you would like to experience the continuous release of cannabidiol during the day, transdermal CBD patches are a perfect option. Such patches work in a similar way as nicotine patches and provide continuous absorption of CBD oil and positive effects for 24 to 48 hours.

If you are intrigued to try CBD products for anxiety, talk to your doctor first. A qualified specialist will help you identify a starting dosage that’s right for you. Also, when shopping for CBD oil, make sure to choose a trustworthy CBD brand like VAAY for your peace of mind.

Enhancing Your CBD Experience: Steps To Wellbeing

Consider combining your CBD supplementation with wellbeing activities to get the most from it. 

Baths and showers: A hot bath can improve sleep quality, as well as having some similar benefits to exercise. Although, sadly, this doesn’t make it a viable alternative to exercise!

Did you know that even just a 30-second cold blast at the end of your shower can increase alertness, improve your mood, and boost your immune system?

Go outside and find a tree: Restrictions resulting from coronavirus have been a reminder of how important nature is for our mental health. The timing of the current lockdowns in the UK may make everything feel even more stressful as the days are shorter and colder. Try finding the silver lining in the changing seasons by taking photos on your daily walk to help you slow down and appreciate the beauty of springs’ beginning. Alternatively, if you prefer more high-intensity exercise, then go for a jog or run in the park and experience a CBD-enhanced’ runner’s high’!Hot chocolate: There may be no better way to embrace winter than hot chocolate! We all deserve occasional treats, and they don’t come much more traditional or indulgent than a creamy mug of hot chocolate in winter. Sadly, problem drinking increased dramatically during the last lockdown in the UK; instead of adding baileys to your hot chocolate this year, why not try having it with a CBD cookie as a positive alternative?

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Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Stock Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Andre Matthew, based in California. andrematthew209533{@}gmail.com

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