10 Best Sites to Download Free Ringtones for Mobile

To feel the tone, it must resonate with one’s nature-But that doesn’t happen in most cases because the personalities differ. And when they do, one fits all doesn’t make any sense. 

You’ve got to explore different tastes before you land on the tone that you may claim could only be made for you. 

Yeah, it takes time but let us be your assistance and guide you through the top sites to download ringtones for your mobile. 

  • Klingeltöne

This one would always stay on the top for the variety it offers. Not to have a second thought when you’ve visited Klingeltöne.

It doesn’t matter which device you do own; you would find plenty of choices spread in front of you. All you got to do is just scroll down through their page and select the device you’re using to look for the compatible tones. 

  • Sonnerie

Ranked No 2 in the long list to come. Like the former one, it’s based on the same analogy. The website’s interface is so user-friendly that anyone who just landed there for the first time won’t have difficulty finding out how things work there. 

Right on the Sonnerie gratuite first page, there’s a tutorial on setting a Ringtone on your phones. And if you scroll down, as we discussed in Klingeltöne, there’s a device to be selected before searching for a tone. 

  • Zedge

This setup from Zedge encapsulates not only the mobile phone’s tones, but it does recommend wallpapers to download as well. The site appears pretty simple and easy to use. Before you actually download a tone, you may review it-which is I believe a feature worth describing. 

  • Mobile 9

As handy as you’d like, you let the system know the device you’ve been using, and you’d instantly be suggested tones compatible with your phone. 

Overall, everything sounds fine, but there’s one thing that’s reported: the limit of 10 downloads a day. This feature from Mobile 9 limits its audience to a great extent. 

  • Melofania

If we had to claim one thing that sets Melofania apart from the queue-then, it would definitely be its ad-free experience. It doesn’t bombard you with random ads throughout your screen. Before downloading, the time to wait is negligible, unlike other websites. 

These two factors give Melofonia a big plus and turn it into more preferable over other websites providing the same services. 

  • Cell Beat

Cell Beat comes with instant downloading features, which, we believe, are non-comparable. The other thing worth discussing here is the arrangement of tones based on the popularity of these tones in all parts of the world. 

  • MyTinyPhone

Searching your desired ringtone is no more a hectic task where you’ve to scroll down thousands of times just to get to a single tone. Here at MyTinyPhone, one can search for it with sorting options and create a funnel to reach there. 

  • ItuneMachine

ItuneMachine lets you play or, in other words, customize the tone with your name added in there. The ads are there, but they’re a few, so it isn’t a big deal for ItuneMachine users. 

  • Mobiles24

Mobiles24 doesn’t demand the user to create an account before downloading a Ringtone, unlike most of the websites. Filtering and sorting options ease the research process, and hence, one can find his favorite Ringtone in relatively lesser time. 

  • Ringer

Here at Ringer, you’re not limited to a mere 30-sec tone. You’re free to create your custom-sized tone, and that could possibly be as long as you feel like it. They can be created for not only iPhone devices but for Android as well. 


We’ve recommended enough websites above where you potentially can download the ringtones based on your liking and preferences. No two fingers are identical, that being the sole reason for us to come up with such a long list of suggestions.

Liam James
Author: Liam James

Liam James a valued contributor on Vents Magazine a Google news approved site. I love to provide the latest news to my viewers and sharing knowledge about interesting facts on different topics.

About Liam James

Liam James a valued contributor on Vents Magazine a Google news approved site. I love to provide the latest news to my viewers and sharing knowledge about interesting facts on different topics.

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