Josh Bowmar: A Multi-Talented Man Who Has A Passion For Helping Others

Josh is a fitness freak, hunting expert, entrepreneur, author, and podcast host who works with his wife to serve the world

Josh Bowmar is known as a fitness, nutrition, and hunting expert. Apart from this, he is also an author, a podcast host, entrepreneur, All American college athlete, and an N.P.C. national bodybuilding champion.

Josh’s dedication to fitness as well as nutrition has always been a lifelong passion. He has won loads of bodybuilding titles up til now and is also known as an All-American college athlete. Josh and his wife Sarah are nutrition specialists as well as ISSA fitness trainers. They use their expertise to run their companies Bowmar fitness, Bowmar nutrition, as well as Apex Protein Snacks. Moreover, the couple also documents several tips in order to lead a healthy lifestyle on their YouTube channel named Bowmar fitness YouTube channel.

Moving on, Josh is a huge fan of bowhunting as well. As a young child, he used to spend a lot of time outdoors, and now he goes bowhunting with his wife. They love hunting and donate meals to families in South Africa. Moreover, the couple has played a huge role in promoting ethical hunting methods. The couple owns Bowmar Archery, where they sell archery gear and supplies. They also have a YouTube channel named Bowmar Bowhunting, where they share their experiences when it comes to hunting and traveling. Moreover, they also share many tips on their channel. 

Josh has more than 2 million followers on his social media. He also has over 200k subscribers on his YouTube channel and 25 million views on his YouTube channels. Josh and Sarah also wrote their very own book that consists of their experiences. The book is called ‘Zero to a Million without Showing Your Butthole’ that is all about the ways one can grow their social media presence. Josh and Sarah own six companies altogether. Apart from the nutrition and archery ones, they own Bowmar Trucking and Brack and Pine as well, which is Sarah’s limited edition jewelry line.

Apart from these, the couple has also hosted The Bowmar Show Podcast in 2019 that has half a million downloads.

All in all, Josh and Sarah’s number one goal has always been giving back. They make sure to serve others in numerous ways. For instance, they have donated loads of turkeys to families in Ohio on thanksgiving through Bowmar Bowhunting. Moreover, they have also distributed about 30,000 meals to different families living in South Africa and Mozambique. Apart from these, Bowmar Nutrition also plays a part in sponsoring the 3rd and Goal Foundation holiday drive that happens each year in order to support veterans. They also support Bowmar Nutrition supplements to naval battleships as well as army bases each and every year. For instance, in the year 2020, Bowmar Nutrition donated $700,000 of their products to 11 different food banks, 20 military bases, as well as 750 individual front-line workers. Not to add, Bowmar Nutrition also sponsors a K-9 unit for the nonprofit O.U.R. to help others detect and arrest child sex offenders and traffickers.

Apart from these, the couple just started another nonprofit initiative named ‘Kids in the Outdoors.’ This was established in the year 2020, and the main goal behind the project is to introduce children from urban areas to nature and help them spend days full of outdoor activities.

Josh and Sarah have done an incredible job for the world by helping those in need!  


Name: Josh Bowmar

Email: [email protected]


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