Interview with Oregon Rapper mithrilblue

Hi mithrilblue! How are you?

“Hi, I’m honestly just really excited to release so much music this year. I had so much fun making all of these songs but bringing them to life with videos and other content has been even more fun, and it’s been gratifying seeing friends, family, and especially new listeners having a lot of fun as well.”

Where are you from?

“I am from Sherwood, Oregon, a city about 30 minutes outside of Portland.”

What is your greatest inspiration for your music?

“My wife has become by far my greatest inspiration for my music. Before “mithrilblue,” I was part of a rap/rock band called Mortal Minds. When the pandemic hit, for the most part, a lot of things fell apart. However, I began learning how to produce for the first time because of it. And after I got laid off from the shutdown, I began spending hours making 4-5 beats per day. None of them perfect. And quickly, I realized that almost all of the music I was making resulted from me trying to receive other people’s affirmation in an attempt to feel valued as an artist, which continued to leave me feeling empty and unfulfilled. As I began to recognize this, I realized that someone has already given me affirmation. In fact, it’s the only affirmation that really matters, my wife’s, Christina. So I literally just started making music for her. I asked her, “What do you like?” Chill beats and when I sing. And the rest is history. What I’ve found is that it’s really just turned into inspiration for me to be more vulnerable, more unguarded, and transparent. This music is who I am when I’m with my wife.”

What are 3 words that describe your music?

“Peaceful, Vulnerable, and Fun.”

What is the hardest subject you’ve ever written about?

“Writing about my struggles with porn, lust, and sex addiction is really difficult. As a recovering drug addict, it’s easy to talk about drug abuse because I think it’s easier for people, myself included, to disassociate the topic with me as a person. But there’s something about failures and struggles of the sexual nature that scar and mark people differently. It’s something that I feel I must talk about because I know it’s a common issue for a lot of people. And a lot of people are buried with shame and guilt because of it. But it’s mostly difficult because it has, directly and indirectly, hurt my wife because of issues and habits I chose to bring into our marriage that she didn’t sign up for, let alone expect. However, it has been a huge part of the healing process for me, as music is one of the best and most powerful conduits for empathy and acceptance.”

What are the challenges of being an artist?

“The single largest challenge for me is creating from the place of already being affirmed and fulfilled in who I am as a creative, rather than creating to feel affirmed or valued. Even though I can now recognize the difference between the two, it’s still not my habit. I still find myself creating, hoping, and judging if the “general audience” will value and affirm me with this song or video or content, etc. For years, even up until last Spring of 2020, when I began producing for the first time, everything thing I created was an attempt to get someone to affirm me, to value me, and it left me not just empty but chasing to sound and create like someone or something I am not. But in the moments when I’ve been able to create from a full heart, it brought so much more freedom and joy and FUN to my life, and that is what then inspired all the songs I’ve released so far and am planning to release every month this year.”

Are you planning on releasing new music soon?

“I have a new track I’m extremely excited about called “No Name,” releasing on April 22nd. I will be releasing a music video for it as well. We all have those lies we try to tell ourselves. “I’ll change,” “Its not really a problem,” “I’ve got it under control.” No Name points out the lack of identity we work hard to erase from the “skeletons,” or as the song goes, “corpses in my closet.” Ultimately, it’s our lack of honesty, with ourselves and others, that keeps us stuck as a “change in shade” is not truly a color change.”

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