How much you really care about the Earth? SolutionTales has a Quiz for you

SolutionTales brings you another exciting activity to ponder on. In today’s generation, one challenging question is how much do we care about our mother nature. Ever since modernization took place, global warming is also increasing. This shows that in line with creating new technology, we fail to realize that the Earth is hurting. We make people’s lives easier through new technologies, but we have been unable to make a single step to mend the wound that the Earth has been suffering for ages.

Why We Need to be involved

Earth, as we know, up to date, the livable planet in the entire solar system. It has offered us shelter and all other necessities for us to be able to live. It comforts not only humans but all living creatures: flora and fauna. This has been our home for how many centuries, but it seems that as borders, we failed to take care of our house. If we freely live on it, it is our prime duty to take care of it. The evolution of science and technology has been rapidly moving so has our lives. We have encountered so many happenings like natural calamities, wars, and even pandemics. As we continue to do our daily routine, we sometimes neglect that the Earth might be suffering from all the side effects machines and advancements have brought. A clean environment is one necessity for healthy living. We should be involved in clearing extreme pollution and eliminating toxins and contamination to have a good body and well-being. If we shrug off and let harmful waste be everywhere, the Earth will continue to warm.

It takes a little effort to create a significant impact on society

Everything that happens to Earth affects us directly. The environment is an essential part of us Humans. A simple effort like self-assessment in the Solutiontales quiz will be a good step in acting next. In the examination, you will be surprised at how biodiversity is crucial and how our inappropriate human acts can negatively influence it. Everyone, even little ones, can do their part to save the environment. There are so many non-profit organizations that promote public awareness to come together to create a greener future.

Additionally, an environmental advocacy community conducts education and seminars to have a sustainable life. We need to be aware that we must not exhaust the Earth and its resources to their fullest. Some so many people depend on their livestock on oceans and mountains and farms. They fail to realize that their urge to build vast industrialized areas destroys our environment that we could never replace.

Start now

It will help if you start the change today. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, and acquiring hundred years of existence might be impossible to achieve. Effects of Earth warming like forest fires are very deadly and destructive. We need fresh water to live long and clean air to survive. Visit Solutiontales and take on the earth day quiz and make a difference for Mother Nature.

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