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Gigi Vega: Singer, Songwriter, a Youth Influencer, and a Storyteller

GiGi Vega is a singer, songwriter, youth influencer, and outstanding performer. She is blessed with a natural melodious voice and inborn talent with writing beautiful deep meaning lyrics. Gigi Vega released her pop single dance track of the year, “Watchu Tryna Do?” written by herself, in February 2021; she gets more than 1.5 million views in less than a month.

“Watchu Tryna Do?” is a particular song for those who love pop, party, and dance music as “Watchu Tryna Do?” lyrics are charming, beautifully choreographed, have catchy lines, enriched with excellent composition, pleasant visuals, and express sentiments in a beautiful way which gives listeners a chill, peppy cadenced tune feeling composed by GiGi. 

Her last single, “Mistletoe Kiss,” released in November 2020, was a great hit about Christmas. Listeners loved her lyrics, melodious voice, and especially the dance moves in the middle of the desert. They appraised a lot of the video concept, which was also written and produced by Gigi Vega. It was the prove of Gigi’sGigi’s talent and her creativity outpours through lyrics and her melodious voice. The song “Mistletoe Kiss,” GiGi’sGiGi’s undertaking rose to #3 on iTunes Dance charts and top 200 US iTunes songs all genres. She was also nominated for an HMMA Award. She arrived at #27 on Bulletin Grown-up Contemporary Outlines, Top 30 on Radio AC Diagrams, and was remembered for a soundtrack for the Netflix film movie, The App that Stole Christmas. 

Her latest song, “Watchu Tryna Do?” starts with a deep love feeling, takes dance beats from the start, sets the tempo and style, and continuously throughout the song gives listeners a deep emotional attachment and lyrics give you a sense of mood and groove. People love “Watchu Tryna Do?” so no matter how good you are, what language you speak, tune-up the song, and you will flow with the emotions and move with the dance beats.

Upcoming Releases: Gigi has two more projects in line, which will be released in February. These are blends of the two songs: one highlighting Rapper Detective and Another Orleans Skip, including Large Freedia, created by BlaqNmilD (Drake, Beyonce).

GiGi Vega New Song;

“Watchu Tryna Do?” is out now, presently accessible on every significant platform such as iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and the other famous platforms too.

YouTube Music Video Link:


Apple Music:

To know more about GiGi Vega, her upcoming live shows and her future releases? Follow GiGi Vega on her social media handles, check it out;

Insta – @gigivegamusic

FB – @gigivega

Twitter – @gigivegamusic


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