Enhance Underwater Diving Experience with Full-Face Communication Scuba Masks Suggested by DivingPicks

Underwater diving and exploration have been on the rise in the past few decades. Countless adventurers pursue it every year for the very first time. And countless more who are now veterans in the art of diving underwater. DivingPicks makes life easier for underwater diving enthusiasts with its list of best full-face scuba masks with communication capabilities.

Scuba masks are essential if you are planning to go underwater diving or snorkeling. At present, there are two types of scuba masks available in the market, standard and full-face. The standard scuba masks come with an oxygen tube that goes into the diving oxygen tanks at one end and to the diver’s mouth at the other. The divers using standard scuba masks have to breathe from the mouth while underwater.

The standard scuba masks while offering to breathe underwater have certain disadvantages. The divers have to keep an unnatural breathing routing from the mouth. They also have to resort to sign language to communicate while underwater and also have a very restricted field of vision.

The full-face scuba masks intelligently overcome these disadvantages. These diving masks form a water seal around the face allowing the diver to breathe naturally from the nose. They also solve the communication problem as the diver wearing a full-face mask can easily communicate by speaking normally.

DivingPicks suggests OTS Guardian FFM, Neptune Space G Diver by Ocean Reef, and OTS Spectrum as some of the best scuba diving masks available in the market online or offline. Let’s discuss these scuba masks in detail:

OTS Guardian FFM:

Comfortable and easy to wear, the OTS Guardian FFM scuba mask features a low-profile clear plastic visor that offers clear and crisp visibility while you are underwater exploring marine life. It has an ABV valve that preserves the oxygen in your tank while you are on the surface and keeps the water out while you are underwater. As it keeps your face sealed and dry, it is very comfortable for diving in cold waters. You can also use a voice recorder/transmitter in pairing with this scuba mask to communicate easily while underwater.

Neptune Space G Diver by Ocean Reef:

Designed for utmost comfort and functionality, the Neptune Space G Diver by Ocean Reef is the perfect choice for diving enthusiasts. It has a six-point strap mechanism that makes it easy to wear and remove and keeps the pressure evenly distributed around the head. It has a water outlet at the bottom that removes any water that gets inside with every breath that the diver takes. It keeps your face completely dry and allows you to talk freely.

OTS Spectrum:

Comfortable to wear and stylish to look at, the OTS Spectrum scuba masks are perfect for the uber-cool divers of the younger generation. It has a goggle-shaped visor that offers a clear view of the surroundings to the diver and a robust strap mechanism to keep it in place irrespective of the situation. The OTS Spectrum can be paired with voice recording and communication gear to communicate easily underwater.

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