Let’s all come together as one and beat the virus- Akmal Ali khan

How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

The clock is ticking, and not one minute can be relieved. A social worker is pulled in a million directions. And each minute is lived to the fullest.

Akmal Ali khan is a social worker and president of Maulana Azad National Urdu University, students union He works to make people’s life better and to spread awareness about the topics unknown. He put forward a point that people in urban areas are more aware about things than the people in rural areas.

He said in rural areas people are in doubt that corona even exists.  They think of it as a bluff. Awareness campaigns must be organized in those areas to make people aware and how to prevent themselves from getting infected . And those who see symptoms should go for check- up immediately .

He himself went to as much as schools possible and held awareness campaigns there also. He showed people there how to wear a mask properly. He said , the mask should cover your nose and face both so one will not come in direct contact with the virus. Next he recommended them to wash their hands after regular intervals. He distributed masks and sanitizers in the campaigns.

Recently the festival of colours passed and people followed the COVID-19 guidelines almost properly he was highly obliged for this. He further mentioned the month of Ramadan is going to knock our doors soon. Many people visit their homes during this festival. He requested people to self quarantine themselves as per the need. And if someone sees the symptoms of corona they should visit a doctor and get themselves tested as soon as possible.

He said if we all will come together as one we can beat the virus.

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