UK Rap Artist COLL Drops Lockdown Banger “L8 Nights”

Out now through his own label True Music Records is the awesome “L8 Nights” from COLL. Originally born in Zimbabwe and now based out of Norwich in the UK, the producer, rapper and songwriter is building hype for the next installment of his Blue Magic series, and the third mixtape is well on the way.

“L8 Nights” is another dose of sharp, radiating power from the young artist, who delivers his work with a hefty helping of passion and uplifting vibes. COLL talks a little about the making of this one, and says:
“I wrote, produced and engineered the song at my house at the start of the most recent lockdown and just wanted to release something upbeat and experiment with production. This will be the first single from my next mixtape project, Blue Magic 3 which will be out this summer and it features artists in Norwich and around  the UK.”

Check out the official video to “L8 Nights” below.

COLL - L8 NIGHTS (Official Music Video)

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