How Matt Ramos Became SUPES and So Much More

Matt Ramos was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He loved Superheroes. His parents played a significant role in building a ‘super’ name for him. Today, he is being referred to as SUPES, which has made headlines and waves in his industry. SUPES’ mother was selfless. She always went the extra mile to ensure that she offered the best to her kids. Little did she know that she was inspiring SUPES who would live to serve the people and transform the world. 

In the early days, SUPES always found it challenging to cope up with life. He was born with a noticeable genetic disorder, a condition that affects 1% of the population. He used to be bullied, judged, and even hated. But one day, he began to value his opinion of himself over others’ views, and this move allowed him to be genuinely free. 

The Changing Of Names

SUPES began to be immune to hate and judgment. He built up a level of belief in himself that made it so it didn’t matter what the world would say. SUPES knew that the only person who could stop him from achieving his life and career goals was himself. 

When his mentality changed, his name changed too. He was no longer concerned about what people said about him. He overcame all his fears by shifting his beliefs. He learned to see rejection as a blessing in his life. SUPES began creating content around his passion, Superheroes. Social media became his primary tool where he made a name for himself in the pop culture space. He persistently did these actions, and guess what? Today SUPES is a renowned pop culture journalist, public speaker, and entrepreneur. 

Levering Success Habits

Success doesn’t just happen; you create it. If you checked the most successful athletes and players of all time, such as Lebron James, Serena Williams, and Muhammed Ali, among others, you would realize a common denominator among them all. Their energy before a match is unparalleled to anything you have ever seen. SUPES learned to treat himself as one of the greats. He could start his morning by listening to music, going over his goals, and getting his body primed for the rest of the day to maintain a superhuman state. SUPES never questions what needs to be done. He plans everything he needs to get done the day before, and when he wakes up in the morning, he wakes up like a freight train that can’t be stopped. 

SUPES’ Success

Since discovering himself, SUPES’s name has changed tremendously. His entrepreneurial path, as well as his life, has changed. He focuses on creating content on social media to entertain, inform, and inspire his viewers in pop culture. He has partnered with the world’s biggest brands, such as Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros, DC Comics, Hot Topic, SYFY, and many more. He has also built a massive influence on social media, a perfect stage for brands and businesses to showcase the value they bring. He has also collaborated with some of the industry’s highest achievers, such as Justin Baldoni, Lewis Howes, Bobby Holland Hanton, Brad R Lambert, and so many more. 

Do you want to change your ‘name’ and be a better person? Believe in yourself. Have a passion for what you do. Come out of your comfort zone and work hard to achieve your goals. Be consistent and see your name become great. You can connect with SUPES here. 

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