One Sinister Trap Even “MacGyver” Can’t Escape – Cancelation: CBS Sets End Date for Popular Show

The longstanding and long-running joke in television is that there’s never been a perilous jam that fictional badass Angus “Mac” MacGyver couldn’t wiggle out of as long as he had his trusty Swiss Army knife on hand. From 1985 up through 1992 (with some assorted ’94 specials thrown in for good measure), the CBS hit show MacGyver – starring a well-coiffed Richard Dean Anderson as our titular hero – delighted on confounding armchair critics with MacGyver’s impossible escapes from Mr. Death that would have left any ordinary piker paying a quick visit to Davey Jones’s Locker. It’s an unlikely feat that was repeated for five seasons in the quasi-prequel/reboot MacGyver which saw a young “Mac” essayed by rising star Lucas Till. Yep, all seemed right as rain or Southern biscuits and gravy in the world of MacGyver – until today that is…

 Per our Harry Houdini acolytes over at the high-flyin’ Hollywood Reporter comes the news that, after 91 episodes, the latest iteration of MacGyver is coming to an end with the April 30 finale of the show’s fifth season.

 In a press release, CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl said that “All of us at CBS are extremely grateful for the incredible work and dedication from Lucas and the rest of the cast, as well as (showrunner) Monica (Macer), the writers and the entire crew. The MacGyver team traveled far and wide to repeatedly save the world with little more than bubble gum and a paper clip and made this show distinctly their own. We’re gratified we got to give this dedicated and loyal fan base the opportunity to say goodbye to their favorite characters in the thoughtful manner this series deserves.”

Showrunner for MacGyver – the name-dropped Monica Macer from above – weighed in with her own five cents about the conclusion of the show: “Since coming on board MacGyver last year, I have been amazed by the devotion and enthusiasm of this remarkable cast and crew, as well as the loyal fans. My gratitude goes out to (stars) Lucas, Tristin (Mays), Justin (Hires), Meredith, Levy (Tran) and (Henry) Ian (Cusick), who put everything they have into our show, specifically for the fans. We can’t wait for them to see our spectacular final episodes and the adventures that still await for Mac and the team at the Phoenix.”

 A fond adieu from all of us at Vents, MacGyver: Week end and week out you made the impossible quite possible and did so with mucho panache.

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