I Earned $750 On BTCC Futures Trading IN 30 MINUTES

The news that Bitcoin officially entered Wall Street as a derivative of the futures market has brought positive sentiment to investors and has continuously pushed Bitcoin’s price to historic peaks. Experts assess that Bitcoin futures can attract billions of dollars in institutional investors’ capital, thereby bringing the Bitcoin market cap up to $ 3 trillion by 2024.

Major financial companies are friendly with futures contracts

Wall Street financiers are inherently friendly with the way futures exchanges work. Most companies have a group of trading support for this type of financial instrument. This friendliness will help Bitcoin options attract more capital flows. This will drive the liquidity of the Bitcoin futures market higher, even higher, than the value of Bitcoin. As William Rhind – CEO Granite Shares once explained why stocks of some extremely large ETFs like the SPDR S&P 500 trade more than the primary value of stocks in that basket of indexes. The same will likely happen with Bitcoin futures.

How Bitcoin futures work?

A Bitcoin futures contract will work exactly on the same principles as futures on traditional financial assets.

By predicting whether the price of Bitcoin will rise or fall, speculators will “long” or “short” a Bitcoin futures contract.

In fact, some “old” investors will use futures contracts as a speculative tool, instead of using them as a means of protection and avoidance of risks.

They will buy if the asset is priced low, when it is rising. That means the contract is also of great value. They will exchange, transfer the contract with someone else to get cash back before the contract is due.

Why trade Bitcoin futures

Futures allow investors to hedge against downside risk by holding a short futures position simultaneously, allowing investors to minimize losses without additional capital. Traders can also enter positions with little capital and aim for greater profits using leverage.

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One of the unique features for futures contracts at the BTCC bitcoin futures exchange is negative balance protection. Unlike most other exchanges which usually require users to share losses when having negative balances. Since 2019, the BTCC exchange has promised that it will pay 100% of the user’s negative balance instead of having all users share the loss when the balance falls below zero due to the volatility of the market.

How do I earn $ 750 in 30 minutes?

In early 2021, I came across the BTCC.com crypto futures exchange, for me now, BTCC is indeed a gold mine.

This is the oldest cryptocurrency exchange in the world with 10 years of experience and currently focuses on providing crypto futures derivative products. Liquidity traded at BTCC up to 500 billion USDT futures contracts in 1 month, especially in the Korean Crypto market / Cryptocurrency 선물 거래.

Why do I call BTCC a gold mine, let’s find out my story.

Come to BTCC exchange

Previously, I only knew about cryptocurrencies with spot exchanges, meaning that I could only buy cryptocurrency and wait for it to be up and sell them to make a profit. Trading like this for me is quite passive and often have to wait for good opportunities when false to buy. In January 2021, I was introduced to BTCC crypto futures trading platform by my high school friend James Powell. Immediately I understood that I found what I have been looking for all along, leveraged derivatives and can go Long or go Short, make a profit even when the market is down.

In February 2021, I talked to James about the way I trade, which is buy / sell based on support / resistance zones. And he was eagerly asking me to try selling with BTCC and using proper leverage. That very day, I created a demo account at BTCC and I started my journey to explore crypto futures trading. In addition, James shared with me two books on trading and I enjoyed reading: Technical Analysis for Dummies by Barbara Rockefeller and Drawing the Correct Trend Line: Traders’ most important skill by Rich Finegan.

Reading has helped me strengthen my trading experience and shed light on my previous experiences.

Leverage and futures at BTCC.com

The BTCC exchange allows traders to use up to 150x leverage when opening positions. Meanwhile most other exchanges only allow maximum leverage up to 100x.

In addition to allowing the use of high leverage, the types of crypto futures contracts at BTCC are also very rich, including 3 main types of contracts: daily futures, weekly futures and contracts. the future is forever.

Although I use perpetual futures, all of my trades will normally close daily. I don’t know what will happen the next day, so I take it as a point of caution.

My biggest win

At the BTCC exchange, there are frequent promotions and I have made the most of this support of BTCC which is a promotion of 2500 USDT when depositing the first time with the amount of 500 USDT or more and trading. .

Taking advantage of the BTCC gift plus 150x leverage, I opened a buy trade on BTC as soon as it corrected to the support zone. And as I expected, price started to recover from support and went up within 30 minutes I made 750 USDT from 100 USDT margin.


There is always “High return with great risk” in any form of trading. Manage your capital well and have optimal trading methods for yourself, from which to go into details from meaningful to trading to create profits as well as help you reduce risks. By trying it out before deciding to join a new trading method, it will help you preserve your assets. Further is to increase knowledge to advance further in the market.

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