Vaping and Exercise: How to Start Cardio after Quitting Smoking

Having to quit smoking, exercise, and live a better life can be a bit tough for some to swallow. There have been many reports where non-smokers have better stamina and can run more than recent non-smokers. But if you start working out daily, and focus on changing your lifestyle, then by the time your cardio and your stamina will get better, you will be more vital and be able to do more.

Just sticking to your daily routine and not quitting even when sore muscles kick in will help you stay on the right path. There is not much research on how vaping can help you quit smoking regular cigarettes, but if you take your vape-juice without nicotine, it might help. Finding the right vape flavors can also help you fight your way to the top!

Stick with us to find out more on how to start cardio after quitting smoking.

What is Vaping?

Vaping can be described as inhaling vapor with an e-cigarette or a vaporizer. Vaporizers have a tank that is filled with e-liquid. E-liquids are made of many different substances such as water, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine.

Nicotine is not the main factor in e-liquids, you can vape even without nicotine, but many people choose e-liquids with nicotine to fulfill their need for smoking. E-liquids that don’t contain nicotine are a lot less harmful than the ones that do. So having it replace a regular cigarette can help you get started with your cardio exercise routine.

4 Ways on How to Quit

When trying to quit smoking, many things can get in your way, like your stressful everyday life, job, or something happening at home. But if you want to quit, nothing can stay on your track. So let’s find out some of the best ways to try and quit smoking.

  1. Make a plan – When you are thinking about quitting, you should always plan how and when to stop. Put a date in your calendar and remove all the cigarettes and things that may cause you to light one up.
  2. Get professional help – If you’re a passionate smoker, seeking help from a professional that will make you stay focused on your goal can help you a lot, as they can give you advice on how to quit and what medication or supplements to use.
  3. Try nicotine replacement therapies – Only around 5-6% of people quit smoking with their goodwill, so having a nicotine replacement therapy can help you a lot, as they will reduce nicotine cravings. And when taking NRTs, you should always consult your doctor for help and guidance.
  4. Set goals – Try to think of it as a race, a race for your health. Try to keep your mind on the main goal because every day that passes by will be easier for you not to think of smoking. A good tip for quitters will be to buy new gadgets or clothes as a reward for each week or month of non-smoking.

Having good character and sticking to the plan is always a good tip to give. So don’t get discouraged and keep ongoing.

How to Start Cardio After Quitting Smoking?

When people stop smoking, they usually feel like they need to change all of their bad habits and start with the good ones; therefore, many will start exercising. Here are some tips on how to start cardio after quitting.

  1. Start slow – Your lungs are still not in their total capacity, so starting slow is the best way to go, as your lungs and your body need time to get back on track.
  2. Follow a plan – Make a fitness plan, and try to stick with it. Put the dates in your calendar and try to stick with it.
  3. Set a goal – Set monthly goals that you would want to achieve; this will boost your energy and your will for progress.
  4. Follow your progress – Take a few before pictures and take a few photos every week to compare your progress.
  5. Be patient – Some goals take a lot of time to achieve. Be patient with yourself and your lungs, and don’t get discouraged.

As we said earlier, do not lift your eyes off your plan, as that will make you bite for more.

Final Thoughts

Smoking is a bad habit that a lot of us are struggling to quit. Your lungs, accompanied by your other organs, suffer a lot during smoking, but your body can suffer too from nicotine withdrawal. Seeking help from a doctor is the best way to start. And when you start working out, your lungs will take time to get back to their previous state. Be patient and strong, as good things always take time to progress

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