Introduction of Music Artist Fredrika Lousie

Fredrika Lousie is the Swish music artist. She was born on 25th December in Stockholm. She was very talented from her young age. She always has positive thoughts and tries to stick to her right thoughts and opinions. She always loves to listen to other people’s thoughts and try to conclude new opinions. As I mentioned she is very talented from a young age, she started singing from childhood. But her parents did not support her, because parents think singing is not good for her life.

At the age of 10 years, she was diagnosed with diabetes level 1, and this disease changed her life. She was a child when she was diagnosed so she started learning with this disease. This is the biggest responsibility on her because she can’t stop her life because of this disease. When she was in 7th grade she participated in the play school, just because her teacher recognized this talent in her, you can say that was first of the Frederika to put step in the professional life. In the play she sang the beautiful song.

In high school she was invited for the musical program that contained dancing, acting and singing. With the help of her signing teacher she got some extra in her singing voice. After the success of the school program Fredrika Lousie sang in many live concerts and live shows. In her singing career she sang the cover songs as well her own songs. After high school she continued her singing practice and learnt different singing techniques to improve her singing talent. In the same time she learnt to control the flow of the voice, and in the short time she made this possible. She did great hard work for making herself successful in the music industry even though she was in serious disease.

Now She is known with her stage name ME, and recently she released her song Me and my Follower

. This is her single song and in the short time this song got huge success on the different music platforms such as spotify, soundcloud and even on youtube. This song was very deep for her and followers. Because in this song she introduced herself, and about her disease, and praised to her followers how much she got help from them. She always got motivated from her fan following, and this motivation helped her in overcoming her disease.

Now She is officially working for the sweden music industry Ugly elevator studios, as a proper music artist. For the new singers she is a really inspiring singer, because she did really great hard work and now she is one of the best sweden singers. In the world.

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