Chris Pratt Prepares to Battle “The Tomorrow War” on Amazon Prime This Summer

Actor Chris Pratt has always had a certain Everyman quality about him in the best tradition of fellow thespians past and present such as Jimmy Stewart, Glenn Ford, Henry Fonda, Kevin Costner and Tom Hanks. Back when Pratt was still a struggling background actor in really good projects like the underrated WB coming-of-age drama Everwood, those qualities came through loud and clear: his scenes had an extra pop or zing to ‘em that made this burned out Entertainment Weekly reader take note of him as someone to watch. It took a little bit of time, but Hollywood finally caught on and began throwing him enough A-List material to make Laurence Olivier a smidge envious. Pratt’s winning streak is apparently indefinitely continuing with the Variety announcement today of yet another intriguing project featuring the popular star and set to premiere this July on Amazon Prime.

 The Tomorrow War is a science fiction thriller set to star Chris Pratt and is about a passel of time travelers from the not-too-distant future of 2051. Seems that this intrepid group of Buck Rogers aficionados has a dire warning to impart: Unless they can round up a group of current day soldiers and civilians to bring back to the future with them, the human race is destined to lose an ongoing military conflict with a hostile race of aliens. Enter – Drum Roll, please! – Chris Pratt as Dan Forester and – Trumpets Blaring! – Yvonne Strahovski as brilliant egghead scientist Romeo Command, civilization’s only hope in defeating the aliens so that we can continue our lives of playing the Lotto and eating cheeseburgers (describing my own daily routine here…).

 Watch your back Jen Psaki, ‘cause Amazon has their very own spin-doctor in the form of the head of Amazon Studios Jennifer Salke who, without any hint of hyperbole, issued a press release saying that The Tomorrow War will be a global event that will surprise and delight our customers around the world. Director Chris McKay has brilliantly crafted this unique, action-packed sci-fi escape that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats and tug on their heart strings with its father-daughter storyline.”

 As mentioned above, Chris McKay of The Lego Batman Movie fame is the director of this latest Chris Pratt extravaganza and he, too, has a few words he would like to share about his upcoming movie. Take it away, Chris!

 “I’m so proud of this incredible cast and crew who worked under challenging circumstances to create a unique, original sci-fi action movie…something that’s increasingly rare. Watching this team of actors and artisans effortlessly blend action, horror, comedy, and drama was a dream come true for me…and I hope will thrill audiences this summer.”

The Tomorrow War along with all of actor Chris Pratt’s Everyman charm will premiere on Amazon Prime July 2, 2021. Be there or be square, True Believers!

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