5 Facts About Desert Safari People Don’t Know About

When it comes to ranking top attractions in the world, the Dubai Desert Safari certainly deserves to be included among the five best. A popular tourist activity, it entails numerous fun and thrilling activities that are no less than a treat for adventure lovers.

Here are five facts about desert safari most people do not about:

The Campsite Can Be Crowded

For most people, the desert safari is an escape from worldly life. As it takes them away from the city and its hustle, they expect it to be a quiet and calming affair. However, you can be really disappointed if you have such expectations.

Desert safari in Dubai, in reality, can be really crowded, particularly during the peak season. This is due to the fact that the campsite is shared by many companies. Contrary to popular belief, there are no separate campsites owned by many different companies. They bring their guests to the shared campsite. Therefore, it can be very crowded.

If you do not want to enjoy this safari when there’s a lot of crowd, choose the non-peak time. Furthermore, you can select the overnight desert safari since not many people opt for spending a night in the desert.

When you enjoy this safari during the non-peak time, you can take part in every activity it entails without having to wait for a long time.

It Can Get Cold During the Safari

Many believe that the climate in the desert is quite hot. This isn’t exactly wrong, as the weather in Dubai tends to be on the warmer side. This is why a lot of people recommend wearing light, comfortable clothes for this trip.

Having said that, if you are visiting this safari during the winter season, it can get a little colder. Particularly, during the evening or overnight desert safari. Therefore, choose your clothing accordingly.

There are Different Packages of Desert Safari

It is commonly known that there are different types of overnight desert safaris, including morning, evening and overnight desert safari. However, not many know that companies offer different packages to enjoy these safari types.

These packages vary in terms of facilities and activities included, price and certain other factors. Here is a birds-eye view of packages many companies offer:

  • Self Drive: In this package, guests are not provided pick and drop facilities. They have to drive to the campsite, which is located quite far from the city, in their own vehicles. This package is more suitable for Dubai residents or those who have their own cars.
  • Standard Package: In this package, guests are offered a pick and drop services. However, not to and from their accommodations. They are picked up from pre-decided spots in the city and dropped at the same spot as well. Activities and facilities included in this package are limited as well.
  • Advanced Package: This package offers great convenience to visitors. They are picked and dropped from their residence, be it a home, hotel or resort. It also allows them to take part in different activities.
  • VIP Package: Also known as the elite package, the VIP package gives visitors VIP treatment. They are picked up in luxury vehicles. Furthermore, private tables are arranged at the campsite for them.

The Experience Varies with the Company Selected

No desert safari experience is the same. This is partly due to the package and deal you have selected. However, mostly, your experience is going to be shaped by the company you have selected. If you have selected a professional company, your experience is bound to be a spectacular one. On the other hand, selecting a non-professional, inexperienced company will lead to a troublesome experience. So, ensure that you have made an informed decision in this regard. Even if you have to pay extra, go for it as this time isn’t going to return.

Final Thoughts

In all, it is an experience that is going to remain etched in your memories forever. The activities it includes, and the visuals you will get to explore are not something that you will find in your routine life. So, even if the campsite is crowded and you have to pay extra to enjoy all the activities, it is important that you have this experience at least once in your lifetime. You can also check Abu Dhabi desert safari offers if you live in the capital city and enjoy this wonderful trip with your loved ones.

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