Nathan Harrington Drops New Single

Los Angeles based Singer/Songwriter, Nathan Harrington, has a brand new single out, “Hold On Me.” Harrington, who is a bit of an elusive figure, merges Reggae, with a Pop style vocal, and an Adult Contemporary backdrop to arrive at something signature. While his style might not be the first of its kind, it certainly works for his laid back and docile energy. Harrington is literally in the infancy of his career, at 21 years old. As a result, his sound beckons a certain innocence, though a song like “Hold On Me” is intentionally naïve.

“Hold On Me” is a song you could imagine being overplayed on the radio, and I truly mean that as a compliment. It just has that pop sensibility and lack of awareness about it. Though it’s multi-genre, “Hold On Me” is very much a pop song. Innately performed and meticulously produced, “Hold On Me,” doesn’t become a hit song , by accident. Factually speaking though, the track would still be a hit, with little in the way of production.

“Hold On Me” is a song that is birthed on an acoustic guitar. It sounds as beautiful, catchy, and jubilant in its completely stripped down form, as it does with additional instrumentation. The simplicity and purism of such a piece, is the core to how it translates so well. For his part, Nathan Harrington plays it straightforward, with an extra helping of boyish charm, and even, a bit of modesty. It’s such a skeleton of a song, that he could have easily done too much character work, or worse, phoned it in.

Nathan Harrington - Hold on Me

No I’ve never felt so me/never felt so me/when you got that hold/hold on me. Harrington says the song is about the initial magnetism and subsequent impetus of love. The honeymoon phase, if you will, in which we can see nothing but positives as we fall deeper into the palladium of affection. The song’s gentle undertones do an effective job of putting images to these feelings. By the end of “Hold On Me,” you will likely be thinking of or remembering your first real crush.

Everything is in its right place on “Hold On Me.” Nothing is excessive, and nothing is too casual. Largely thanks to Harrington’s talent, the song is a lot more memorable than it might otherwise be, but make no mistake, this is very much a collaborative effort. Everyone involved, knew exactly what they were going for, and they might have overachieved. Ultimately, we as a listening audience are the ones who benefit.

Nathan Harrington is one of those genuinely talented artists who could either fall through the cracks or become a breakout star. There’s something about him, that says he isn’t quite showing his entire hand, yet. He seems like someone who truly marvels at the art of music, and wants to learn as much as possible. We could be listening to the early musings of an iconoclastic figure in the making. It remains to be seen, if Harrington can truly get a hold on us, but he is off to a promising start.

by Bethany Page

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