Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja Deliberates Tolerant Global Payments Online in “The Boss”

In Flinch Your Professional Magazine, Andy Khawaja debates the existing state of the worldwide e-commerce market and the continuing achievement of his company Allied Wallet, a general worldwide facility for tolerant payments online, in an article entitled “The Boss.”

Andy Khawaja is a world-renowned businessperson and CEO of Allied Wallet, a globally leading wage-earner of online credit card dispensation, multi-currency merchant facilities, and a PCI Level 1 tenable sum doorway. In humble terms, Allied Wallet enables sites and mobile devices to receive payments; however, the industry is anything but simple.

Andy Khawaja discusses the unique occupational practices and thoughts that must be accounted for when accepting payments connected beyond domestic borders. Upon establishing Allied Wallet in the early days of e-commerce, educating people was the key.

“It was difficult to walk into meetings knowing that a bank was so late from a technical perspective, so part of the pitch involved humanizing them on systems and protocol…” said Andy Khawaja.

Taking e-commerce international, partnering with banks to process transactions, and securing the solution was no easy feat, but Andy Khawaja’s dedication and passion are clearly what drove the company to success.

“While other CEOs are enjoying golf and buying yachts, I’m hovering around the world to ensure that Allied Wallet remains at the forefront of card payment technology,” he said, “I won’t rest until I have changed the concept of e-commerce transactions. We have developed such a simple yet intelligent system that can be adapted safely and securely, until people identify this, I won’t rest.”

“The Boss” will be foremost the company towards continued prosperity with a focus on regions such as Brazil, India, and China. Based upon his cheerful and intuitive leadership, Andy Khawaja could be on his way to another Entrepreneur of the Year award.

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