UX Trends We Should Expect in 2021 in Online Casino Industry 

Whether you’re a novice gambler or a long-time casino passionate, you’ve probably noticed one thing at online casinos. They seem to overly focus on attracting new players to sign up and deposit. 

Casino operators plan to do that in a number of ways, but the most popular method is to offer hard-hitters the advantage of bonus offers and promotions. 

While it may sound all nice and well, they still need a bit more in order to retain customers, and this has witnessed online platforms turn to UX (user experience) in an attempt to hang onto gambler, particularly with competition so widespread within the industry. 

And they have all the reasons to turn to user experience. Steady UX in the mobile app and websites may improve casino the chance of increasing customer retention levels while also managing to minimize client churn, which is prevalent within the industry. 

Thus, it comes as no surprise why increasingly more online casinos employ a plethora of resources in this area of business. UX it’s the gist of a more prosperous and successful online business no matter the industry. 

UX in Online Casino Environment

With a market that’s visibly booming and a lack of consideration for the UX, this could be the difference between success and failure, so the casino platforms need to be conscious of this.

Why is UX imperative for an industry like gambling? Firstly, the website could become more proactive in assisting and retaining players: for instance, good practice would include providing customers with a Casino Secret welcome bonus and a list of games they have played or other similar games that they might enjoy.

Most casino platforms put this practice in action but by no means at all. Casino operators could also make sure every player has important buttons for navigation that are clearly marked and lathe so that they can find where they’re going easily and readily. That’s just one of the many instances of UX that current casino operators should take into consideration.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is dominating the casino industry with 58 percent potential growth. Current mobile devices have a steadier internet connection, better memory and higher speed, wider screen, and smarter features.

Today’s gambling is all about convenience. People have less and less time and patience. They don’t want to sit behind a desk to play their favorite slots. Regular gamblers have little to no desire to walk to a land-based casino to indulge in everything-gambling activities.

Convenience and user-friendliness are what today’s gamblers crave. And, they have it now thanks to top-notch mobile devices that can be found in all shapes, sizes, and makes. Gone are the days when you had to walk to the nearest casino, now you can play anything you want where you want at hours suitable just for you.

With mobile traffic exceeding desktop traffic, when it comes to online gambling, industry experts are now trying to follow a similar trend. They claim the market will reach 100 million new players in the next couple of years, almost all of which will access Casino Secret platforms through their mobile devices.

AI in Casino Gaming

Artificial intelligence in the online casino environment is another out of the oven tech which is growing at a fast pace in the past few years. As it seems, AI has great potential in the digital Casino Industry and Online Gaming.

Perhaps you’re already familiar with chatbots availability in most of the user service portals. Chatbots are here to assist users, regardless of the platform they access, to find answers to common queries which can be easily answered without the need of a real-person representative.

These chatbots can even provide solutions to a wide range of concerns regarding bonus offers and guide you through payment and navigation processes. As far as casino operators are concerned, AI-based technologies like AI are here to stay so their customers can stay too.

AR/VR Casino Gaming

Virtual reality and augmented reality are two technologies to witness steady growth in the past couple of years. Not long ago, gaming brought along the associations of inferior graphics and poor gameplay. Today, things are changing for the better. And as everyone would expect, VR and AR are about to transform online gambling.

The latest technological advancements are here to provide Casino Secret online bettors with an entirely immersive gaming experience. AR is here to provide the interactive feature of a real-world or imagined space by adding digital layers of information to it.

AR technology resembles that used by Snapchat lenses meaning that you can use a pair of headsets with sensor gloves. When virtual reality merges with augmented reality, they create a Mixed Reality or MR. This top-notch tech, as it seems, it’s already gaining terrain and is currently applied to Microsoft’s HoloLens. Currently, only a few online casinos are offering VR rooms. The next smart move is to integrate VR and AR and wait for the hard-hitters to show up.

Blockchain-based payments are becoming the norm.

Increasingly more online casino platforms are accepting crypto payments.

That’s only good news for blockchain users because many casino platforms are now offering casino bonuses to players who use crypto payments. Gone are the days when hard-hitters had only a few options for the payment – the latest tech advancements enable a new payment alternative to add a wide range of payment options.

Most payment options we find in the online casino environment are cashless, which means we can always rely on a third-party service or a credit/debit card for payment. What’s more, many payment options have also enabled crypto payment as a viable option.

Apparently, bitcoin is one of the most notable cryptocurrencies used on these sites. And, as it seems here to stay so do not be surprised if you receive a cashback or surprise discounts while using some of these payment options.

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