Food Network Star Guy Fieri Inks New Three-Year Deal with Network

When I was younger and less concerned with the latest junk food I was gorging out on, the very concept of shuffling aside valuable time to watch the Food Network seemed absurd; Chefs and restaurateurs like Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis, Sunny Anderson and Aarti Sequeira (all of them Food Network personalities and staples) weren’t for this lone-wolf who lived on a steady diet of Yoo-Hoo and ooey-gooey pizza. After all, I would be forever preserved as the young and virile pop culture nerd I knew myself to be, no worries or concerns about dietary restrictions and/or needs here, thank you very much…

 I was fortunate enough to eventually grow at least half of a brain, thanks in no small part to my Better Half and wife. With her keen insights and nigh universal understanding and patience, I slowly became civilized and, as befitting of my newfound and elevated stature, soon found myself – gasp – exorcising and cutting out a lot of culinary vices that had turned my svelte size 28 into a sobering  – double gasp – size 42. Along with my late-in-life awakening came a desire – first borne out of a mere wish to bond with my soulmate – to watch some of the programing on the once dreaded Food Network. And so it was that the two of us, happy as clams in mud, became obsessive about watching shows called Chopped, Pioneer Woman, The Kitchen and – wait for it – Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. The latter featured a bleach-blond surfer dude turned culinary Jedi Master by the name of Guy Fieri. The amiable Fieri with his off-the charts personality and his distinct knack with any variety of yummy looking dishes quickly turned me into a late in life fan of his various shows on the network. And – deep breath – that brings us to this latest bit of Guy Fieri news as brought to us this very day by those masters of weight loss, The Hollywood Reporter

 According to our fellow newshounds The Food Network, knowing a winning recipe, exclusively signed Northern California chef and television personality Guy Fieri to a three year deal. My household, at least, is quite happy with this breaking news.

 In a press release, Food Network Big Wheel Courtney White said that “Guy Fieri infuses his unmatched energy and passion into every show he makes. He is truly one-of-a-kind, adored globally for his own love of food and his deep appreciation for the people behind the restaurant scenes. I am beyond thrilled to be able to continue this extraordinary, creative partnership.”

Fieri, who has been entrenched at the Food Network since 2006, has a deal he can proudly write home about: With the new deal, Fieri will carry forth in his role as a developer and producer of his own series and any and all spinoffs from such lucrative projects as Guy’s Grocery Games and Guy’s Big Bite.

Guy Fieri responded to the new deal by saying that “Food Network is my home and I’m stoked to continue the partnership with the entire Discovery family…I can’t wait for everyone to see what we’re cookin’ up next.”

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