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Best Car Driving Simulator Games for Android

People spending most of the time switching between social media and games on their smartphone are new normal. Playing car driving simulator games on Android can help you gain little experience of driving a physical car to some extent.

Driving virtual cars in smartphones might not convince you if you think of getting a driver’s license. As you may evidently know, you are required to pass the Driver Knowledge Test to get the learner’s permit. Nonetheless, it’s an initial phase of getting your actual license. Before you sit in the DKT exam, make sure you are full of knowledge, and that is possible with the help of the free Driver Knowledge practice test. You can take as many tests until you are confident enough to pass the definite Knowledge test. There are five sections, and each has seven questions to deal with, now you should be familiar with what to expect during the test.

Below mentioned are the top downloaded and featured games in Google Play Store. Users can pick any of the vehicles, be it car, truck, motorcycle, and many more that interest them. Side by side, you are getting exciting features and modes that excite you.

  1. Extreme Car Driving Simulator 3D

Extreme Car Driving Simulator 3D lives up to its name pretty much as it provides a free environment where you can drive the car as you were driving in real life. The app is available to download for free in Google Play Store, but it’s not totally free; we call it a freemium app. Freemium refers to a new convention where users can download the game for free, but it has advertisements loaded into it, and there are paid schemes to upgrade the car performance. 

You get an open space in Extreme Car Driving Simulator 3D to drive around, thanks to its realistic physics that makes players fond of playing. The game has a couple of controls, including gear, speed, distance, accelerometer, clutch, ABS, TC, and ESP. You can even control the camera angle as you would like.

The game offers tons of car options and detailed specifications.  What might impress you is the details of an environment; it has detailed building architecture, sky theme, texture, airport, and many more.

  • Taxi Simulator 2020

Taxi simulator 2020 takes the virtual driving experience to the next level while you drive around a town looking for clients. It’s a simulator game developed by Ovidiu Pop, known for their previous famous simulator games such as Bus simulator, Flight simulator, and Motorcycle simulator.

A taxi simulator 2020 occupies as much as a Gigabyte of storage since it’s rich in graphics. The controls, aesthetics, and missions on the game will impress you at the first shot as it’s rich in the aspect. It’s also a freemium app where you get to have cash or in-game points to unlock new cars.

Like Google maps, you can see the map located at the top right corner of the game and pick clients based on their location. After you drop a client at their destination, you are offered cash. Unlike other open-world games, you need to follow traffic rules; otherwise, you will lose your cash. 

Also, taxi simulator 2020 supports a multiplayer mode where you and your friend can connect and run wild in the open space.

  • Real Driving 3D

You will be thrilled to test your dream car in the virtual world in real driving 3D. Inside the game, you can drive, race, and get chased down by cops. The graphics in the game is what amazes the most players. It’s a competitive simulation offering a realistic feel. Work your way to complete the mission and grade further to challenging missions. Similarly, you can unlock various sports, classic, and off-road cars to challenge on the road. You can as well connect with your friends and compete against them on the leaderboard.

The lobby fascinates a gamer with the aesthetic look and touch. The environment of real driving 3D renders fast as you move from one place to another without any issues. There are nearly no bugs in the game that provides a better experience while gaming.

  • Driving School 2017

Driving School 2017 lets gamers experience the near to realistic experience while playing. The game was developed by Ovilex Softback in 2017 and still looks impressive in 2021. The game has reported a hundred million downloads over the year, and people seem to love it as you see their reviews. 

As the name suggests, the driving school teaches one how to drive, but virtually. It offers a wide variety of road conditions and environments to drive on, including highways, cities, deserts, and mountains. The game offers as many as 80 levels that unlock cars and skins for completing each level. 

Not only cars but the driving school 2017 also offers hundreds of vehicles like Trucks, Buses to drive around. With over ten thousand five-star reviews on the play store, the driving school 2017 might be the company’s best game yet. 

  • Dr. Driving 2

With 87% of positive reviews online, Dr. Driving 2 offers some of the best virtual driving experiences. The concept of the game inherits from its successor Dr. Driving released a couple of years ago. Dr. Driving offers a lot than maneuvering along with the car. You can challenge among the players online, which might excite you. 

The game sits on one of the best car driving simulator games for Android with its impressive graphics and driving modes. You can even play the game offline, as this could be the best practice that you won’t be losing your data consumption. You might get addicted to the game’s concept and layout, along with beautiful features to test.

Far from the list, you can easily download the games mentioned above from Play Store. Our choice of the list makes you gain control over vehicle speed and toggle various options as you would inherit similar practices in real life. Try out and simply explore and enjoy the driving simulator games.

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