Why you should invest in Ethereum

Ethereum’s benefited a lot in the past few years, but I think that it can provide greater benefits shortly than Bitcoin itself. Its market cap is smaller and not as global as Bitcoin, which I consider to be a growth opportunity factor. DeFi ventures are the latest hot trend in the crypto space, and can you think what? Nearly all these ventures are focused on Ethereum. There is plenty of capital coming into DeFi, so I think the price of Ethereum itself will grow substantially. The road map also includes the release for several months of Ethereum 2.0, which is about to be completed.

If you are thinking to buy Ethereum Hong Kong, be sure to read through this post and learn all the latest factual benefits that can be received from investing in Ethereum.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is the basis for the creation of an alternative financial mechanism based on the Internet. This financial system is completely transparent and untrustworthy. Money that is required to operate this modern financial structure. In this modern landscape, financial applications need a trustworthy form of leverage for the operation, and Ether is the only true trustless commodity.

In line with its all-time peak, Ethereum’s price has risen from 90 dollars to over 1,200 dollars in a year. Thus it looks inevitable to break past the $1 450, the all-time high. However, Raoul Pal thinks the rally won’t end and has made a rather optimistic forecast of former Goldman Sachs employees.

Ethereum as an intelligence

The explanation why Ethereum won such huge success with Bitcoin in June 2017 is because of its ability to conclude intelligent contracts. 

Consider the following examples: families, architecture, vehicles for luxury, etc. Smart contracts of Ethereum will ensure that certain products are controlled. To be able to buy a home or art in another country, foreign buyers and citizens from all over the world do not have to go through the foreign nation system’s bureaucracy. You will use an insightful Ethereum contract. And with Ethereum they can even pay.

The planet can be linked thanks to the internet but for companies and private individuals worldwide Ethereum is displaying new and better interconnections.

Tokenization is provided by Ethereum

In their surveys and studies, the World Economic Forum (WEF) predicted: “to store and exchange up to 10 percent of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2025-27 with the assistance of blockchain technology.”

Remember what they are saying: up to 10% of the GDP will be used by every nation worldwide by blockchain technology. A few years ago, though I wondered if I should participate in Ethereum, the tokenization principle and all its use cases made it obvious to me that water: Ethereum is the future and there are several reasons why Ethereum is important. Ethereum is valuable.

Source of development.

Since the 2017 ‘crypto bubble’ – but Ethereum wasn’t gone – Ethereum lost 84% of its price value. Ethereum has gathered power and momentum just like the Internet, which didn’t die after the 90’s ‘internet bubble.’

Ethereum is building fascinating new projects: microgrids, electric car charging points, blockchain collectibles, household mortgages, health records, and several more.

Ethereum, Bitcoin & more Diversification

The infrastructure and intent of Ethereum are distinct from Bitcoin. We know that Bitcoin is a decent investment, but is Ethereum a better purchase than that? Bitcoin was first intended as a blockchain — the ‘money’ focus. Ethereum is different and is designed to have an intelligent contract network.

You can save value and pay for stuff with Bitcoin, and smart markets, tokenize properties and more can be programmed with Ethereum. Ethereum is still all right to be a payment mechanism, but it has not got the awareness of Bitcoin brand and immutability – plus Bitcoin is very scarce because it’s capped at 21 million coins – while Ethereum is uncapped.

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